I just logged onto to superficial…
and hoped that he was just being totally out of line. That his sources were way off their rockers on this one. (I can’t believe I just used the word rockers.)

I’ve never been one to be completely taken by news such as this, when it comes to people I don’t know, but I was very shocked by this one.

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I was intrigued by him when I saw him in 10 things I hate about you. The fact that this pretty boy could capture my attention so much in the movie. I secretly wished that a guy would sing for me, as he had done for Julia Stiles (the song “Can’t take my eyes off you”).

Never would have thought.

Just goes to show we gotta make use of each and every day.

Put’s my days events, the ones I thought were quite messed up…into a bit more of a proper perspective.



Review: Rogers Customer Service

I really dislike that their website is confusing.
I REALLY dislike that I get all these flyers from them, when I have most of their products…well actually probably all of them…
I also REALLY REALLY dislike the rude CX’s, or the ones who sound like children when they answer the phone, and tell me that “Rogers is way more reliable than Telus, I know, cause I am with Telus, and I always have problems with them.”
(that really pissed me off…)

But…I do appreciate the ones who have been able to help me out, especially when I needed it the most.

I wrote the next bit the day of…and haven’t reread it, so it might really be all over the place, more so than my usual writing/ranting. So please bear with me…

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Twilight Movie

So I encountered a teen who was reading the second book today. I asked her how she liked it, and she proceeded to rave about it. I mentioned that there was a rumour about the movie adaptation to be released, to which she replied “Yeah I know! And they have already casted Harry Potter’s Cedric!” To which my face looked like “WTH!” Haha…
I knew I was behind on my movies, but I didn’t realize that things had proceeded this much already. When I got home, I checked, and there I was blasted in the face…


Anyway I really do enjoy Stephenie Meyer’s novels, despite the fact that they weren’t originally written for my age group. Despite the novels being quite long, I feel as though she hasn’t degraded in her writing like another rather famous novel which let me disappointed after the third book release. (Im sure you can figure out what I’m talking about…)
Well on her site, she once listed who she would imagined to play her characters. Personally I did like most of her choices.

So imagine my surprise with the two leads that were cast for the movie. I know I know, it’s really the choice of the producers/directers, to do whatever they wish, seeing as its their production…but I couldn’t help but feel a but disappointed in their selection. Though I guess in reality, I would prefer to have actors who can perform and act out the parts to their fullest, than to have faces that match, but with poor acting. So I really can’t complain. But for visual people like me…ok I gotta stop clinging to something irrelevant.

Anyway it’s scheduled for December 2008, and I can’t wait. It probably will be 2009 if anything, seeing things never really run on schedule…but nevertheless I am excited for the movie version.

I know I haven’t written a review on the novels, but really I read them as they were released…and reviews, well they happen as I started this thing…

Ok so enough out of me, I’ve gotta get to sleep :)

Kdrama: The Devil

It took me two tries to complete this series.

When it started, I only got past the first few episodes, and then got really bored with it. Those who know me, know that I don’t do that normally, even if it sucks, I stick it through, mainly cause I will probably be annoyed that I don’t know what happens in the end. And reading Spoilers just aren’t as satisfying! Anyway, I just completed the last episode (thank god for the decent download rates on veoh.com. CURSES on veoh.com’s new FLV conversion of all uploads…)

Anyway to sum it up, though some people compared this to the other drama with Lee Junki, the dog and wolf one, I gotta say it was nothing compared to it. Well except the whole revenge thing…and maybe the taking peoples identity thing…kinda.

Basically despite the similarities, I’m saying its just not right to draw comparisons to each other. Just WRONG! IMO though…

Anyway I am kinda glad that I got to see the end of the series. The last 10 minutes or so, was quite well done. In a weird very say way. It was interesting to see how everything ties up for those two in the end.

I was not very impressed up UTW’s acting, though surprised with LJH’s. He has definitely grown since Goong.

I know this is a crap review on what I thought about the drama, but seriously, its 4:30 EST in the morning, and well, I wasn’t as into this to really put in my (crappy explanation) all into it…

forgive me?


C.O Bigelow Ultra Mentha Lip Shine

EDITED May 24 08:
Okay, so I’ve known this for awhile, but kept forgetting to post it. Actually thanks to those who keep viewing this post, cause you reminded me :)
Anyway for those in Canada…HURRAY! You can find them at the cash register of Club Monaco. Club Monaco of all places :P Anyway they have the white tubes, and the light green ones from what I could tell. Normally I only see the white tubes. Can’t remember what they are…But they are there. 7.50 each I believe? So a bit pricer, but they are there for those who are desperately need to get their fix of CO bigelow^^

If you’ve seen them any where else, do let me know~!


I first came across this through a friend.

She always, and I mean ALWAYS had this on her. Actually she had the regular Mentha Lip Shine, but she would frequently get questions on it, and rave about how much she loves this product. Now you might think, why would she get questions on it? Simply answered…

You could only get this, if you hopped the border.

Yes, it was exclusive to the States.

Which was really unfortunate for many. We would always miss out on the Bath and Bodyworks sales 3 for 15 on these (seeing as they only ship within the US). So the only way we were able to get our hands on these, were through ebayers, or getting them on a trip over the border.

Eventually, I just put in an order on Ebay. I found someone who was selling 5 of these for 20 bucks. With shipping, it wasn’t too bad. The hard part was waiting for them to arrive (nearly 3 weeks on their cheapest method).

I was hooked from day one. It packed the glossiness that I loved, into a mega minty taste which I also loved. It is a tad sticky, but I personally found it to be less sticky then my MAC lipglass’ so I had no problem with these.

The Ultimate Mint-Infused Balm.

We super-infused our classic Mentha with more intense flavor and longer lasting breath-freshening to create the ULTIMATE balm. It provides the same glossy high shine with an even greater refreshing, cooling sensation.

I have come to depend on these, espeically when I choose to eat street meat with some onion on it. I love the cooling sensation on my lips, and find that they are also very hydrating for me. I wrote my own review on it on Makeupalley.com, and found that some didn’t find the product to be as moisturizing as they would have liked. But like most products, it is dependent on your skin, as to whether or not it will be completely compatible. So I found those to be very legitamite cons’ to the product. I however did not find that those who conned the mintyness to be quite ridiculous. Did they not read the product discription?

Anyway I haven’t written something…in a day…haha…so I figured I’d write about this, seeing as its my one must have for tackling the cold winds in Toronto.

Online Review: bookcloseouts.com

I heard the promotion that they hosted through 96.3fm Toronto’s Classical music station.

They were offering 50% off your final total purchase.

It was their boxing week sale. I have frequently found myself checking out the stuff that they had, but never really putting an order through, mainly because I couldn’t make a decision, and wasn’t sure if I really needed them. But at their prices, how could I go wrong?

The site is quite simple to navigate, and easy to place your order. When I received my email, confirming my transaction, I was surprised to read that it would take as long as 21 days! Which wasn’t something I was expecting…but lo and behold, I got my order (the one I placed on Boxing day 26th) on the 29th! I had no idea that they even deliver on Saturdays! So that was a wonderful surprise. They do have promotions going on quite frequently, and as long as you aren’t very anal about your books having been marked with permenant marker (which I had problems with >_< cause I am quite anal about my books…but I still love them!) Then this is DEFINITELY something worth checking out!


E.L.F products Review…Long awaited…

I paid $8.95 for shipping…
Originally uploaded by Rasilla

Haven’t actually tried this out yet. But it feels nice and full, and soft!

I was pretty impressed with this product. I used it first dry, but it wasn’t all that great. I personally found that it worked best wet. For $1 it was very decent for my uses. If I were to recreate this brush though, I would design a brush with a smaller width. I found that it was harder to line, so I used more of the ends of the brush instead of using the whole brush to line the eye. (Does that make sense? :P )

Just to show the comparison of the two
Originally uploaded by Rasilla

I read in makeupalley.com that these were a tad sharp. And as I received them, that is what I realized as well. But I quickly fixed it by dulling them on sandpaper. So otherwise I have no problem with them as a backup pair, one that I can stuff into my travel makeup kit, for emergencies. It felt pretty nice while I was handling them as well.

Feels just like a normal gloss. Didn’t feel any “pumping” action, though I think I would have been quite surprised if I did. I’ve tried the Duvo* venom, and now that was awesome stuff :)

I enjoyed the smell to this gloss. It isn’t as sticky as my Mac’s. I would have liked more pigmentation in the gloss, but meh, can’t really complain about it.

Pink Ice: I bought this mainly as a highlighter. I wanted to see if it might be as good as Ivory (the one that I wasn’t able to get cause it was out of stock)
Dusk: repurchased this because I happen to like the pigment in it. For me it seemed to blend well, and seem to last a decent amount of time.
Sage: ditto what I wrote for Dusk.
In general, they aren’t bad for the price, and you get what you would expect to pay. I found that if you use a decent primer, they colour lasts fairly well through the day.


– Shipping to Canada is WAY too expensive. As you can see, it states 2.50 dollars on the envelope, and I realize that you have to pay for materials, and for handling, but come on! (Plus they increased their shipping since the summer of 2007)
– They don’t let you know that their items aren’t in stock. It isn’t real time obviously, but I wish they had the option to let us know, cause I its annoying to have paid the shipping charge only to find out when I receive the package that they didn’t have several in stock. (but they do rectify in a very minor way…more in pro)
– They could be more economically friendly? (ok maybe I’m reaching here, but I thought packaging my items in a bag, in another plastic bag, then shipping it in an envelope of 4 times its size…seems wasteful.)
– Their website coding is a little wonky. When I put in my credit card number, and confirmed the order for the amount, the next page on the site told me that I was charged a new amount of 2 dollars more! So basically it charged my shipping to Canada (the extra fee) TWICE! Because I had problems with their Customer Service last time, I sent an email to every section so that I would get a speedy reply. (I got two, One was quite rude, as if it were my fault, the other was apologetic.)
– It is a Con for me, but I guess a Pro for the company, a lot of the stock I wanted to get, were OUT of stock…so I missed out.

– Regarding the items that aren’t in stock, they sent me a notice this time around letting me know that they apologized, and THIS TIME they credited my account back for the items that weren’t available. They hadn’t done it last time, so I’m not sure if it was only a one time thing.
– I was pretty satisfied with the items that I chose to purchase.

All in all, do some research, as with all online shopping, before you buy a product. Find some reviews on the stuff you are interested, and then give it a go. And if you don’t like it, pass it on to a teen or someone else who might enjoy it^^ in the end…at least it was only a dollar each :P