Just cause you ignore something, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will go away.

Yeah…that was a DUH moment for me.

Things…since my last post, hasn’t really been any more different. Life has still been quite difficult, a whole bunch of downs and just not enough ups. I’ve dealt with more things than a normal person should at my age, and at times, I feel like enough is enough.

But…scar tissue is something that is tough. Leaves a mark, but nevertheless tough skin. So I journey onwards despite finding it hard to press on. I guess in my case, that’s all that I can really do, press on no matter what.

Anyway I have filled in a lot of my time reading…so I guess I will write more reviews here as well, ontop of whatever else I need to review on…

Korean Drama – “Coffee Prince”


I have no idea what is the fascination with the whole girls pretending/concealing their real identities as women thing, but it seems everyone is doing it! I blame the manga’s! But then again I am completely taken by them, so I guess in the end, I can’t really say very much.

Coffee Prince.

Everyone was anticipating this because of the two main leads. I myself am not a fan of the two leads Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye, but because it was getting crazy ratings, I thought I would check it out. As with most asian drama’s, the series started off quite strong. To see Eunchan go through these encounters where she is constantly mistaken for a guy, was kinda funny. It was encouranging that she was also a hard working girl, without much complaint, to make money and help support her family. Her father passed away early on, and was left with her mother and younger sister. She comes across Hangyul through some unusual circumstances, and even is asked to work as his gay “lover” in order to escape all the arranged dates that his grandmother had set up for him. Eventually he comes to rely and trust in Eunchan, hires him to work for his coffee shop…then starts to develop some questionable feelings for him(/her).

The series was pretty interesting. Laughed, giggled, and sympathized for the characters. I know a lot of fans were very happy with the ending…but I’m one who had wished that there would have been a more…developed ending for Eunchan and Hangyul.

“Natural Born Charmer” by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Ever since reading my first novel by SEP, “Ain’t She Sweet”, I have eagerly sought out her books, and reread many of her novels. Yes the outline of the novels tend to be the same, but it is all in how she introduces those outlines within the novel that really captures my attention time and time again. 

I read it from cover to cover, sacrificing the much needed sleep, just to finish the novel in one sitting, (well in between several snack and bathroom trips).

It was torturous and wonderful at the same time. I enjoyed that there were several couples and problems that needed to be mended. I liked that in this novel, it didn’t just focus on the main couple (in their 30’s), but also had the interesting side story of the older couple. I have always enjoyed how she unravels change within the characters, how you can distinctly see the changes from the beginning to the end.

It’s always hard to explain something without giving things away…so all I can really say is that it seemed to me, that this was one good chic-lit read. (Just like her other ones :))

Japanese Drama – “Proposal Daisakusen”

I couldn’t help but to watch this drama series…mainly cause I got to see Yamapi. Not that I am attracted to him, but I did want to relive the “Nobuto Wo Produce” *kon* days…

Anyway, the drama is generally about a guy who feels such regret on the day of his childhood friends wedding. What kind of regret? Well he regrets not having realized that he loved her quick enough, and when he did, not having had the courage to tell her. So after the ceremony, a fairy/faerie appears to grant him a wish to be given one more chance at capturing his love for her. Of course, for the series to last 11 episodes, he fails one change after another…

The series was alright. Yamapi seems very one dimensional in his acting, seeing as it felt as if I was seeing the same thing I had seen in Nobuto Wo Produce. Still, you can’t help but feel his pain, as he constantly struggles with trying to explain his love for the girl, in every change that he is given. The ending was a bit confusing, but then again it’s possible it was only confusing to me. In the end, I liked the idea that they tried to present. And the idea that I seemd to get from it, that we should try to live each day without regrets. Seize the day!

“Baby Proof” by Emily Griffin

The first book of the series, I picked up accidently picked up. And though I didn’t agree with some of the views that were mentioned in the book, I liked how she displayed the lives of each of the characters. The second book, was about the the dumped bride, who learned to grow up. So I eagerly picked up “Baby Proof”, thinking that it would have been a continuation of the preceeding novels, but it was a novel on its own. It started off pretty strong, weakened in the middle, and then kinda made its way back to be a strong book in the end. What I liked was the revelation that the character uncovered, when she realized that love meant doing all that you could, for your soulmate, even when it means that you need to sacrifice something.

Sacrifice isn’t something that is simple to do, so I liked seeing how she would struggle with this knowledge, and looked forward to see what she will decide to do in the end.

“Dear John” by Nicholas Sparks

Truthfully, I have never really been a fan of his books. Yes I saw the movie adaptations and such, but I didn’t really have the same heartwrenching experience as others did. But for some reason, I really enjoyed this novel.

I started reading it, and couldn’t put it down til I found out what had happened to him.

 A man who was insistent in being oblivious to his surroundings, then wanting to be aware of his surroudings by completely throwing himself into change. Falling in love, avoiding issues, yet coming back to what it really means to love. The relationship between John and Savannah seemed so tormented, but you end up realizing that it makes sense the way things turn out.


to love…

means to let go.

“I am David” by Anne Holm

I came across this book, while browsing the children’s section at my local library. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the illustration on the cover was so simplistic and so attracting to me. It was a lovely read, lovely meaning I was captivated by it. A story about a young boy, and his journey; escaping a horrid life he only knew, to succeed in reaching the final destination that he was told to work toward. Ok, so that may not be the best explaination, but it was a wonderful read. To show that despite that we may go through horrors unknown, doesn’t give us the excuse that we may be inhuman to others around us, was something pleasant to think about. It was also rather interesting to read how David struggled to survive on his own, unable to really trust and rely on others to help him through. I was able to relate in that sense, seeing as there have been many countless times where I have also tried to survive on my own. But then I remember that there is a reason to why we live in a world, surrounded by people!

Anyway, I do recommend this book. It may be a children’s novel, but it still is something that is worth reading in my opinion.