Kdrama: New Heart

The series started in December I believe, but I only recently started.

Mainly cause I have this thing where I prefer to watch dramas when they are done, so I don’t have to wait at the cliffhangers, and torture myself for the next episode.

Unforunately though, they are only at episode 19 of 24.

A friend of mine told me that it was really good…and I just couldn’t resist.
Wiki Link

Anyway I found it to be quite the interesting drama. Though I do need to rely on the fan subs a bit more than I would normally, but with all the medical talk (which according to a few sources on net, aren’t all that accurate. But hey, its a drama, so I don’t sweat over that aspect of the show), I do need them so I don’t have to read the descriptions of whatever they have diagnosed. I did find that it was interesting that they did include mini written explanations into the drama, to help viewers include themselves into it.

I can’t say that the acting is amazing, but definitely better than the others I have watched over the past year, so I am pretty satisfied. Though I can’t stand the Mimi character. The whole, innocent, baby acting…But I mean if she’s annoying to me, and she is supposed to be annoying, I guess she is doing a bang on job.

Plus, how could I not watch this, seeing as Lee Ji Hoon is in it :P

Anyway there is a really good reason why this is the top 2nd/3rd show, running in Korea right now. If you like drama, and well medical ones, then I would think that this wouldn’t disappoint you.

My only advice?
Wait until it’s done, and watch it all in one go. Then you don’t have to suffer, waiting for the next episode to come out…

Countdown to episode 20…commencing now.


Drooling Over Organization…

So I have this love for Ikea.
A cousin of mine, would flip if she found out.
In my defence though, she has the money to pay for ‘better quality’ stuff.

Anyway, I love getting those little flyers in the mail, that shows the glamourous ways that the Ikea stuff is organized, and outfitted into certain rooms. I drool over the catelog when I get them, and get a bit antsy when my friends receive theirs before mine (I worry I won’t get one…ok!).

So…I frequently visit a certain blogger (quite the silent reader)…I love how she incorporates vintage, 80’s, wild stuff into her wardrobe, and make them work for her. For some, I could never imagine myself wearing some of the stuff, but that is mainly cause I cannot stand to stand out (I’m working on it!). Anyway I admire how she pulls things off, and seems to carries herself with such a confident charm…

Alright, so why am I writing about this?

Well I checked on the blog yesterday and was floored by all the pieces of clothing, accessories, etc that she possesses. I was also drooling over how she organized her ‘closet’ space. It is gorgeous. I personally wanted one like that from Ikea, though not for clothes, but for my book, seeing as the wood shelving is much sturdier than what they offer for that of books. But when I saw all her clothes, acessories, etc arranged in that fashion…made me wish I could have one installed for one side of my room. Ok…maybe two sides of my room! haha.

Anyway, I’ve been looking around for new ideas to organize all the wonderful crap that I have collected over the years. The packrat in me refuses to throw things out. Which, could be good in some ways, I have found uses for many things…but when it comes to the really needless stuff (such as old notes and exams from psyc and soc classes…) I should really toss them. But in my defence, I have found a few friends to pass them down too..that is…When I can actually part with them.

Alright, so onto something else.
Valentines Day. Was quite amusing. I woke up late, tried my best to avoid Valentines colours, tried to look somewhat presentable, and went off to teach a few kids. Then I got a text asking me to go drink Soju with a friend. I thought we would escape the presence of very PDA type people…but boy was I wrong. Still had fun catching up with my friend, and laughing about a whole bunch of stuff. Vague. I know, but at least this day wasn’t spent loathing the fact that I am single.

Actually, I welcomed it.
More on that later…

flickr group…sweetness.

another flickr group

Random Thought…

I recently found that watching a man read a book, can be quite sexy.

Weird I know.
I was on the TTC the other day, and listening to my songs, when this guy got on.  He took a seat near the door, and once he got comfortable, he pulled out a novel from the pocket of his leather jacket.
Then he proceeded to read.
Once in awhile he would look up to see what station we were at…
But for the rest of the time, was completely immersed in his book.

It’s good to see that guys aren’t too macho for that stuff :)


Not sure if my reviews are helpful…but there has been some activity here!

I do hope some of the stuff was helpful to some of you, if they weren’t I apologize, but thank you for coming anyway.

I started writing on my other thing…but perhaps I should just continue to write reviews here, and leave the other stuff there?

Guess it would be more organized that way…

Keeping up a friendship…is a two way street…

I don’t know whether its embarrassing, or pathetic when people over the age of 20, can’t really grasp this.

A person, whom I had considered a good friend, came home a bit over a month ago. Because we are many kilometers, and several timezones away…I only get to see the individual, if I’m lucky, one month of the year. Even then, within the month, only a few times. Except, for some reason, something got really screwed up this year.

Perhaps it is the backtrack on the individuals relationship status. Stating one thing, then going back on her word, and doing something completely opposite. The individual had told me their first plan after they had broken up, then restarted the relationship without telling me. Which is not normal considering our friendship. Anyway, the individual never did mention anything to me about the other person, and well, I guess I would be embarrassed to mention anything, especially with all that the individual had told me they were going to do, in this time of solitude.

Now I know that normally this wouldn’t seem like a big deal, but it is if you knew us.

Second…I told the individual in advance, because of my life situation right now, I only have 2.5 days free during my week. I told them in advance, before they bought their ticket, of this problem. I suggested several things, ideas that we could do, so we could at least spend a day together (the other party lives a good hour drive away from me. So to meet up, we would have to take some form of public transit, meaning it would take double the drive time. And neither of us drive…unfortunately…) And yet, the other party, has yet to try and arrange something. Actually, to their defense, they did try once. We booked a week in advance. I should have known though, that I was just a convenience meet up. The day before we were to meet up, I asked what time we would be, and the individual replied that we wouldn’t be. Their other date with a friend was cancelled. It wasn’t going to be held in Toronto, but near their home.

I was told the night before.

In truth, this is what always happens. Even last year, I suffered paying for so many meals of hers, because she “didn’t have cash on her”, she had to hit an ATM to withdraw. Once she got back to her schooling country…I wasn’t even sent a thankyou gift, or even an offer to pay me back. Seeing as we are both strapped for cash…I was pretty shocked at her attitude for this matter. Had the tables been reversed (which wouldn’t happen cause I hate being in debt with someone…) I would promptly have paid her back in some form.

And it’s not even about the money. Really. It’s a matter of principle. The unspoken rules which were greatly taken advantage of. I had sent a care package, and the other individual brought nothing back for me.

I tried hard to arrange a meet up with them. I really did. I know that there isn’t much for them to go on. I would have been willing to meet them half way, at a mall or something…which is hard for me, cause I would have to take the transit there, but they would get a ride. And yet…after trying…nothing. I was told today that their return date is in 3 weeks.

I’m not holding my breath.

If the individual forgot my birthday…what’s to change my mind that they will try and meet me half way in arrange this ridiculously difficult (which really shouldn’t be) long awaited play-date?

Just feeling a little hurt…

Pet Peeve

Ok…so I know I should REALLY stop complaining…

BUT…I really can’t stand it when people type like this…

actually instead of degrading my space or ranting…I will direct you to Edison Chen’s Blog

I really liked his music, well the stuff he made long before…

But truthfully cannot stand some of the newer stuff, this manner of speech, and well his new scandel. HAHA…

I saw it on some blog, and clicked the link. I know now what NSFW stands for. Too bad I didn’t know it sooner. Anyway the new scandal is of very revealing pictures of him and his current girlfriend, and ex girlfriend, in quite the unappealing positions.

Wonderful, now my brain is tainted with the very unpleasant images of…well…


think of happy meadows…happy meadows…happy…oh shoot…meadows? Ewwww…

(Thanks for allowing me to revert back to a hormone driven teenager and for reading this utterly ridiculous post. )

Costco on the Queensway

A trip to Costco is always a fun way to start off the week for me.

However, having things that weigh almost 10 pounds fall on me, is not.

On my way to cash out, I passed by a display of Tide powder detergent, and realized that I needed a new box. (Yes those carefully placed displays always catch me in their trap, last time it was those bagel chips…damn those were good.)

Anyway I quickly realized that the stack was WAY too tall for me if I didn’t stand on my tip-toes. I glanced about, and found that I was unable to find anyone in the immediate vicinity to help me out. Not even a customer who was near me and not busy, and of the correct height to help me out. (It’s a Monday morning, people are either on their way home after dropping off their kids, or at work furiously typing away at their computers.) So reluctantly I stood on my tip-toes, and reached up to the top of the stack. I realized all too soon that this was a huge mistake, as these boxes were not just stacked ontop of each other, no they were placed in shallow 2inch(?) tray like boxes, in sets of two. So my first task was not only to successfully reach up and pull a box down without losing my balance, no my first task was to be able to lift the box high enough, to pull it off from the stack in the first place.

Without saying, I guess you can already guess that I almost had one of those trays, that contained two Tide Boxes, almost fall on my head. Luckily I was able to shove the entire thing back in time to avoid any loss of brain cells. I attempted once again, was successful, but only after being incredibly infuriated that I had to struggle to this extent, and cursed the fact that I am almost ridiculously stubborn in times such as this.

As I wheeled away, I look back and noticed another woman, who was only seemed about 5’2, look up at the mountain, and seem to contemplate the adventure. (I wheeled back and helped her out. Much easier seeing as the tray now only contained one box of Tide.)

Now fine, it is VERY possible that the displays at the end of the rows are not meant to be picked at, but rather they are there merely to alert the shopper that they (they store) does in fact have this item, and to alert them that it is on sale. Of course that situation isn’t a practice that is seen in play at all stores. They normally showcase things at the end of the aisle to grab the shoppers attention, and to be picked at, until there is nothing left.

So let’s just ignore that for the moment. As I waited in line to be cashed out (I was surprised there was even a line, seeing as I hardly saw anyone around..) I figured I would leave my cart for the time being, seeing as I still had a few minutes, and walked over to one of the employees who was wearing a red vest. Reason? Normally they are the ones who have some sort of special “charge”, hence the bright red vest that the others do not get to wear. So I walked up, excused myself for having inturrupted their writting of something, and told them of the situation. (I’m using “them” cause I don’t want to say the sex of the individual). I told them that they might want to look into perhaps revising the Tide display seeing as I had great trouble extracting a box of Tide from it. (I completely forgot to mention, but I am 5’5, or rather I was 5’5 with my Nike Runner’s on.) I told them that it isn’t quite the pleasant event to have nearly 10 pounds dropped on my head, just cause I wanted to buy an item that I was enticed by.

Their response? Talk into walkie-talkie, contact merchanizing. Turn back on me, and continue talking. Then turn back to me, and continue writing whatever they were before I had talked to them. WHat? I was so confused, that I just said thanks, and walked away to my cart. (The cashier was still working on getting money from the person in front of me!) I was shocked. I mean, sure if the case had been that I was wrong, that these displays aren’t there for me to pick at, the individual still should have apologized and explained that they weren’t really there for me to pick at, but that they would have someone look into the matter anyway just in case. No. Nothing. I got nothing. I got someone who didn’t have the balls to face me again, and tell me that a) I was being annoying or b) it was their bad, and they would rectify the situation immediately. (Opps I said Balls. Oh well.)

As I was pushing my cart out, I heard a young adult cry out in anger.


Oh girlfiend, you have no idea how much I wish you had.