Studying Distractions


4.45am June 10, 2008
I took a cramming break…and browsed Buff’d cosmetics. I wanted to try one more. Cause I don’t think I will be able to find my proper colour in EDM. So I got Wool, Lace, and Antique I believe. The samples, which are 1.50 CND come with free shipping. Sweet. Seeing as their actual shipping is crazy. But then again, this is Canada we are talking about, and we have RIDICULOUS shipping rates. What the heck is wrong with us?? Anyway Jennifer Burns gave me some suggestions, which is why I chose those shades, well with a bit of variation. I totally forgot to tell her more important things about me. Bummer. Anyway I feel good about these anyway, so MEH. I’m excited. Seeing as this is shipped in Canada, I won’t have to wait weeks for once :P

Oh, and I placed an order at EDM. The flat top brush, two of those travel compact things, and comfy eyeshadow. I don’t know if we get charged for duty fees, on makeup from EDM, so I had to keep my purchases to a minimum. Shipping was like a buck something cheaper than last time. Hurray. Can’t wait for my new non-smelly brush :P

Okay, back to studying, I mean cramming.

The plan for the day was to cram for an test tomorrow. A very important test for me.

Instead. I take a break…which is lasting a little too long for comfort.

But i needed to post this, and I will be done for now.

Is selling some titles for 5-15 dollars! I saw Hellsing, Angelic, Saiyaki (?) and a whole bunch of others that are there. Not too bad. Titles are going fast, obviously cause of the price, so you need to hurry.

I was going to put in an order, when I realized that shipping to canada is 19 dollars.

Though when calculating the costs of savings…DANG! haha…

So I’m still thinking…but time is running out :P


Coastal Scents Deluxe Buffers!!


12:02am June 11, 2008

The brush that originally gave me the rash, still gives me a rash. I have no idea why, and I have washed it several times, and cleaned it with brush cleaner, that in desperation, I took from my friend. The other brush though, is perfectly fine! I even used it on my face, AND I LOVE IT! Mine does shed a little bit. But the smell, is very very very faint, even for my sensitive nose, and well I think it’s just the smell of the brush hairs in general. But the other one. I tried brushing in the inner elbow, and I got a bit of a rash there now. Not as harsh as the first time around, but it’s still there. Just in case though, I think I will notify CS. I do like the brush, the one I can actually use, but the other one, I want to tell them of the problem. And maybe include a reminded to people that they must wash their brushes before any type of use. Cause, it could be potentially dangerous…no? So minimal shedding, not so much smell for my second brush, and blends nicely! Now if only this could be more consistent…

2:03am June 10, 2008

I must have mixed up the brushes, and only smelt the one…cause one of them is SIGNIFICANTLY different in terms of smell. The second one I opened, is much fainter, though I can still smell something. The first one, is still the same, even after 3 washes. I don’t have much hope for this one, BUT am excited that one of them is doing alright so far. I have to keep washing them though, cause after swipeing them on my palm, during washes, I found that my palm smelt of the brush. Meaning if I were to actually use it with the minerals, my face would smell like the brush. GROSS. So I’m gonna have to keep washing them til I can keep that at a minimum. And hopefully will have gotten whatever it was that made me crazy allergic to the brush in the first place. Speaking of which, my rash started to move down my wrist…but luckily the pills, and the calomine(?) lotion has caused it to slowly subside. HURRAY! Will have to do a test before I actually try this baby on my face :) *does happy dance in anticipation to use the one good brush from the two that she bought*
ps: I bought another thing at EDM’s cause they are having another mini sale. Check out their forums for the discount code! DO IT! Do it NOW!~ lol

10:00pm June 9, 2008

The rash has moved up my hand. Now half way up my fingers, (I just popped an allergy pill). I am truly the biggest idiot. I washed the brush. It smelt RANK. I was reading around places, and some people compared it to manure. I thought it was an exaggeration…until I smelt it for myself. DANG. I have washed it. And washed it again just now. It’s quite humid and hot over here, so the brush was pretty dried, which is why I figured I would wash them again. I bought two brushes, and the second one I opened didn’t smell as much as the first, but after I washed that one as well, it smelt almost as bad as the first one. I wish we had smell-0-vision. Cause then I can allow you to smell for yourself. I’m very disappointed and not sure as to what I should do. I think it is the glue that they use to attach the two pieces together…but this is just crazy. I’m gonna try again for a few more times of thorough washing, and going to email Kathy. Cause this…is…RIDICULOUS. It was so soft…why couldn’t it be soft AND smell-free?? Sigh…it was so soft…*looks lovingly at brush* if only…


I just pulled mine out of the mailbox! They are wrapped in cute zebra print tissue paper, with a business card and invoice.

Too cute! So I just wanted to check the softness of the brush, so I brushed it on the back of my hand…and DANG! It is ridiculously soft! I’ve been using a stupid Sephora brand brush, which I bought cause it was on sale, and this was before I knew of how to buy brushes phase, but yeah. That brush is like a Brilo pad against my skin, compared to the CS one. So I love it…well…almost. I did the sniff test, like the others that mentioned it. Mine STINKS! I hope that once I clean it, that it will fade away. *crosses fingers*


So you know how people always say, you should wash your brushes before you use them. And how I mentioned that I brushed this along the back of my hand…well…Yup…In my sheer excitement…I figured it would be alright to just test it out, and completely ignore the whole washing-thing-before-using-it. What’s the worst that could happen, I thought. DUH…Something like this?? —>

And that’s what I ended up with. SO~! lesson learned? There are tons of places that tell you exactly how to clean the brushes before using them. Even if you are excited, please please don’t try them out before washing them. Especially if you have annoyingly sensitive skin like I do…and end up with a rash. Ouch. Don’t be an eager beaver like me. Boo…

Here is my other hand…this is how it should look like…sigh. And a penny ruled shot of the brush. I was lacking one more penny :T

Still I don’t regret trying it out on my hand. It is soft. Lets just hope after a wash, I can get rid of the smell…and shape it right.

Okay, my break down.
Buffers were 4.25 each. I got two. Plus shipping which was 4.32. The shipping on the envelope was marked 3.80. Shipping wise, not bad on the cost. I like that. I ordered them on May 24, 2008, and got it today June 9, 2008. Not too bad. They are soft, but they stink. So providing I can get rid of the smell, and that it doesn’t shed like crazy over my face, like the Sephora brand one, then I would definitely buy them again, and be tempted to buy a whole bunch of others^^

Now I just have to wait for Electric Cosmetics to arrive…ahhhh…I want it now :P

I’ve been using it everyday. But recently we have had some crazy humid weather in Toronto. One that I hate, and my skin seems to agree. I have noticed that as soon as I put on the SN foundation, that I can feel the foundation on my skin. It feels…somewhat oily…doesn’t look oily, but it feels gross.

I want decent weather back so I can enjoy my SN.

My EDM’s is HERE!

((I actually wrote this on Thursday…just got too lazy to proof to publish..))
So I slept pretty late last night . So in turn, woke really late.
At one point, I felt like I had heard some sort of action at my front door. Meaning that something was dropped off. So eventually I woke up, when I realized that that something might have been one of my mini hauls (actually in my case, regular hauls. I don’t have money to make them any larger!).
So I went out, and looked down. There in between the space from the screen door, to the actual door, was a box. A rather cute box that pretty much fit in the palm of my hand. And there, on the label, read “EVERY DAY MINERALS”.
I ran back to my room, cut open the box, pulled out my camera, and started unfolding the layers of tissue paper.
Unfortunately my hands started sparkling. Huh?! Turns out, that the sample blush, “Office Space” That I got as part of the sample kit, had leaked. Upon closer inspection, it seems as though the sifter had not been closed properly, meaning that the lid didn’t close properly, and therefore jostling in transit, caused quite a bit of the product to leak on everything it was wrapped with. And when I say quick a bit, I mean like a few days worth of blush. AH! Sucks cause I kinda like the colour. Though personally for me, I wouldn’t use it as a blush, it’s a little too sparkly for that. I would use it as a highlighter for my eyes, meaning it would last me even longer!
Anyway, using the website email form, I sent them a reply, to see what they will say. I had noticed that my concealer, the other part of the sample kit, wasn’t closed properly, just like the blush. But in this case, nothing was leaked. LUCKILY!
So my review? Well. Will come eventually. But seeing as everyone has done a review on it, and they are so much more qualified to do such reviews, it might be better to look for them, instead of waiting for me to shell one out.
In short though. Without having actually used the products, would I actually buy things from them again?
The simple reply is, no. I wouldn’t. Though that’s mainly cause of the shipping costs to send it to Canada.
I paid a little over 6 dollars, and the package said something more along the lines of 3. I know that there are costs for shipping equipment, and handling, but it just didn’t seem worth it with the amount of stuff I bought. Also, if you are desperately in need of the product, it takes a bit long. Obviously cause it’s shipped to Canada.
So basically, being in Canada sucks. Especially when such awesome companies exist in the US and it costs so much to ship to us. Damn. But then again, my review might change once I actually try out the stuff I bought. And to be fair, they don’t send stuff in dinky ziplock bags (sorry SN!). Even their samples arrive in actual containers. But in my view, I wouldn’t care even if they did come in dinky ziplock bags, especially if it means that I can save some money to buy more from the companies I love^^
So there is my “short” (LOL) review on the overall buying/receiving experience from EDM.
Let’s hope that I have a kickass experience with the products to change my mind about the whole buying from them again.
Even though my sample blush leaked all over the place :)

Schick Intuition Razors

First a little bit of a back story (read rant,) to my journey in getting these razors.
(If you would like to skip this, look for the end of rant sign.)

So back in September, 2007. I found out about this promotion. Because of the nature of the product, some people, though in a sense rightfully, were extra picky about who to give codes out to. They demanded that certain people have posts over a certain amount, not taking into account that numberous individuals, them included, posted one worded ‘thanks’ as a reply to count towards their posts. Though it is important to leave a word of thanks, I found it ridiculous that they would only give it to those who had posts, even when that was all that they had. I was a tad bitter (cause after 2 months, I could still not get a pin), and I checked the post history of some randomly selected people. And true enough, I would see pages and pages of ‘thanks’ replies.
I think that more so than posts, that if a person is more productive, even with their limited posts, that it is much greater thing that just a simple thanks. Though in real life, in our day to day activities, a simple ‘thanks’ can do a really REALLY long way. So I’m not disapproving that, but just forum etiquette.
ANYWAY, finally a kind individual, figured my 75 posts were enough, and was kind enough to give me a pin. And I was thankful. I had FINALLY gotten my hands on a ever-so-popular-and-desperately-sought pin. Anf for free. Seeing as some where trying to profit off of this free promotion, by telling people that they were willing to trade pins (that they themselves got for free), for giftcards. I mean it is their business if they want to do such a thing…but I personally found it wrong. And unfortunately, there was a whole argument over the idea on one of the forums that I visit. It got to the point I stopped checking that thread. It was…just stupid.

<- – – END OF RANT – – – ->

Alright. So I put in my thanks, and filled out the form. This was back in late October, early December? It was closer to December I think, cause the female forum member wished me a Merry early Christmas.

Imagine my surprise, when I hadn’t received it, in the time frame they alotted. So I figured they ended their promotion. So after 3 months, I completely forgot about it.

That is…until I tripped over the box in my rush to make my bus.
I was confused seeing as my Hauls, mentioned in the previous posts, were not expected to arrive in a box. So I tore open the cover, and squealed. Unfortunately I was supposed to meet a friend downtown, so I quickly went back in, took some pictures, stuffed two in my bag, and left.

I was planning on working out today at the gym, so I asked my friend if we could go back to her place, so I could shave. (The second razor was for her). My hair wasn’t like a forest on my legs, but it had been a week since I had last shaved, and it was stubbly. Ew. So I tried out the razor.

At first glance, the razor doesn’t seem like much. It seems quite cheap, and somewhat pathetic. It just seems to look better in the box, or online, than when it was taken out to try out. But it did perform well. I was given the sensitive one, Schick website, with aloe and vitamin E. There are 4 different ones, but I was glad I was randomly given this one. Or maybe I selected sensitive…Not sure.

Anyway it glided well over my skin, and did leave it nice and smooth. Very easy to use, and I wasn’t afraid that I would nic myself in the process. (I was shaving quicker than I normally would, seeing as we were on a tight schedule for the day. Luckily my friend is like me, and we are total nuts when it comes to trying out new things.)

So I like it. I like the fact that it also comes with a $2 off coupon, with a purchase of a package of 3 or 6 refills. I liked that it was two dollars, opposed to the dollar most coupons. Anyway I tried the codes that came with the extra ones, the ones that you are supposed to give to your friends, cause I told them that I would, but the new codes I got for them, don’t work. So I think that they have ended their promotion now? Which would explain why they sent me all of them. I’ve told my girls, so they are waiting for our next meet up to receive their respective razors to try themselves.

In short, not bad. And Thanks to that awesome forum member that was kind enough to disregard my post count, and send me a code. Without her kindness (I’m telling you, some people were savages. It was ridiculous,) I wouldn’t have had an opportunity to try it out.

Hurray for free things…
That slowly get you addicted to their products…
Sigh…a evil cycle…but somewhat satisfying one :P

Pics included, click more.

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Yet another SDM 20x the Points Event…

Oh dear goodnes!

I just read this in the RFD’s forum. Love that I get an extra heads up on this. Cause I am LOVING the Sunblock I bought last time around, and seeing as I will be using TONS playing softball, might as well get another tube.

I will start making a list of some of the things I want to buy…

So maybe you should too^^

And share some of the things you might pick up…cause I need a few ideas to fill in the extra 20 bucks~ I can’t fill it all up with chocolate…otherwise…well…the obvious. ha.

PS My packages have yet to arrive. I’m expecting end of this week, or early next. I hope sooner than later :)

PPS Who isn’t addicted to TaeYang’s new single?? 나만바라봐 / Only look at me / Look at me.

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Silk Naturals, thank you??

Anyway I wrote about my experience with SN here.

I found that I wasn’t buffing it into my skin as well as I should have, which is why I needed to reapply after such a short while.

The main reason why I am writing about this again, is not to mention that the sealer is out, but rather to make a comment about what my mother asked/said to me the other day.

“My daughter, you look so lovely lately.”
“Oh really? Heh, must be the new foundation that I’ve been using.”
“Hmmm,” Mother contemplates that answer. Then replies with, “Do you have a boyfriend?”
I am completely floored by this answer. “Uh, no. Why?”
“You have this glow (that only a girl would get if she had a boyfriend).”
“Well, no, I think the foundation is just making my skin nicer. I’m pretty sure it’s the foundation.”


Anyway I didn’t share my recipe for SN.
I use 10 scoops of white, a scoop of buttery gold, and one scoop of warm
(When I tried BE, I got the Light/Fairly Light kit. So I think that this colour is a little bit darker than that.)
Which means I probably shouldn’t buy the actual refills for buttery gold, but get the samples, seeing as that is what I am still using at the moment. (Those samples last forever! I’m still using them!)

I think the other reason why I am mentioning this, is because I am anticipating my EDM samples. Some people actually prefer this to SN, because it comes as an actual colour. Which is wonderful in its own way, seeing as it took me forever to mix the right colour for me.

Plus, isn’t that just funny?
Because SN works so well on my face, my momma thinks I’ve got me a man. I don’t know whether I should be happy…or sad. Haha…

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I gotta have it…Now!

I’m antsy.

Why you ask?

I want my Electric Cosmetics Haul! I was browsing this lovely site, when I noticed the post about their sale. So quickly I searched the site, seeing as it ending in a day! Anyway I put in an order…

Malignity Rouge& List Free Sample: Sassy Vixen
Cinnamon& List Free Sample: Allure
Frost& List Free Sample: Hey Doll

Because the colours were gorgeous, it was SO difficult for me to choose. But I ended up with those 3. I love the fact that they come with samples. Each order produces one sample for every jar! How cool is that?! Unfortunately what sucks is the shipping. For my order, it was 4.50. Booo…Not that it’s their fault. Luckily I will be going to visit my cousin in NYC soon, so when I do go, and I fall further in love with the colours, I will send them over to her place, and I will bring them back with me, when I return. Except…I wonder if I can wait that long…

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