Anger…and a distorted sense of pride…

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I only came across this because of a certain forum I visit. Seeing as I have been media deprived as of late…I guess I was late to catch onto all this.

As naive as it sounds, I just wish things like this would stop happening. Why is it that we much resort to such idiotic tactics to harm others? If anything…what ever happened to fighting with your fists, instead of all these pathetic weapons? Not to say that fighting with fists is the way to go, obviously I don’t agree with any type of physical fighting, but at least, there would be a great chance at survival.

Ok so that’s not my point in my writing today. The speculation is that these two boys, or young adults (depending on what the legal age is of authority), took their rage out on the other boy because they felt that he was looking down on them. A lot has been hushed, so not a lot of details are told, but really. Seriously. I am at a loss of words. I just know my emotions at this point. Sadness, slight anger, disappointment in human kind, and wonder.

Sadness that another life has been lost.
Anger because they never had a chance.
Disappointment in knowing that we never learn, and act as the bigger individual.
And wonder…wondering when…or rather will we ever escape such ugliness?

When we will stop being so stupid…


Album Review: Nell Vol. 4 – Separation Anxiety

Listen at Daum + lyrics
기억을 걷는 시간 MV

I’m not a great fan of things that are mainstream. Heck I quite often dislike following the current trends in fashion. (That’s mainly due to the fact that I fell a little awkward wearing most of the stuff.) So I accidently came across Nell during their first album release. (or 3rd album if you want to be a hardcore Nell fan.)

They have released 6 albums in total, 2 on their own, then 3 with labels, with the fourth being released on March 26, 2008. Unfortunately for them, though fortunately for me, I was able to find a bit of it online. And I am so glad that this new album still follows their trademark sound. KJW, can be a little high at times, but that adds to the greatness to his voice. I was a little disappointed that the collaboration with EpikHigh (This performance song) wasn’t released as a track on the album, but I will cope. (Besides, someone once mentioned to me, that they shouldn’t collaborate anyway…seeing as they are different…and the songs tend to take after Epik, more than Nell. But I still like the song…)

I haven’t had a chance to really pay attention to the english lyrics to the songs. Which I’m hoping will be near flawless, cause that’s a big gripe of mine.

– Separation Anxiety
– Moonlight Punch Romance
– 기억을 걷는 시간 (Memory Walking Time, yeah…thats the literal…)
– 멀어지다 (Getting further/Going futher? SOMETHING further…lol)
– Promise Me
– 1.03
– Fisheye Lens
– Afterglow
– Tokyo
– 12 Seconds
– –

In short, the album doesn’t disappoint. I love that a few of the tracks seem more upbeat sounding, than they are used to. But it still has the tragic feel to it. The arrangement is to my liking, and well…I guess I can’t say anything bad about them at this point.

Anyway just cause I am slightly bored, an incredibly sleep deprived…I wrote out the lyrics to one of the songs…

Nell – Tokyo

the love we make
the tears we cry
sometimes they’re just not real

the heart we break
the wounds we make
sometimes they just don’t heal

i think im losing weight again
i think im losing taste again
i think i broke my heart again
will you stay with me x2

i think i lost my love again
maybe i sold my heart again
i think im left with none but pain (?)
will you stay with me x2

the things we say
the things we hear
sometimes they’re just not real

the things we touch
the things we feel
sometimes there just not real

i think im losing weight again
i think im losing taste again
i think i broke my heart again
will you stay with me x2

i think i lost my love again
maybe i sold my heart again
i think im left with none but pain (?)
will you stay with me x2
will you stay

i think im losing weight again
i think im losing taste again
i think i broke my heart again
will you stay with me x2

i think i lost my love again
maybe i sold my heart again
i think im left with none but pain (?)
will you stay with me x2
will you stay
will you stay
will you stay
will you stay

the love we make
the tears we cry
sometimes they’re just not real
sometimes they’re just not real

I find track 11, hilarious.
I don’t care what people think, I love it.
PS I just put in my preorder for the album. Damn credit cards and their ease of use.
Ok so I played the new album with the older albums…Um…ok there is a bit of a difference in their presentation of songs. It is more synthetic, especially when it comes to some of the other songs…
I also just read that they created 27, and only picked 11. When I read that, I was completely saddened. I wouldn’t have minded a double disc…And now I am left to wonder about the other songs that didn’t quite make the cut~
Whatever. I still love it. Hahaha…
Edited yet again:
Holy crow…a lot of you guys have viewed this post. I’m assuming cause you thought I posted links or something. If that isn’t the case. Thanks for reading, though its unfortunate at the same time, seeing as I am such a crappy reviewer (if you can even call it that :( ) Let me know what you do think of it. As simplistic as it is, I love Tokyo, though I am at a loss as to why it’s called that. Guess I will have to look it up~

ELF cosmetics

(I’m playing catch up with all the lovely things I wanted to write in the past 2 weeks or so…but haven’t been able to cause life keeps interferring…lol…)

So seeing as this is one of the most seen tag in this blog of mine (can I call this a blog?) I figured I would just write a few more things about this.

First off, if you check our their website, they now have a reviews section for their products. Which is somewhat awesome, seeing as I don’t have to go back and forth between the ELF site, and MUA. The only problem is…Some of these people that write, write for the sake of writing, and so are quite biased in their opinions. I was reading through some…and…some just voted high numbers, but then said that the product was alright. What the heck?!

Anyway, I hadn’t written about my first purchases with ELF, and was only reminded when I was using the eyeliner again, seeing as I couldn’t find my MAC one.

So a few things…

  • Be aware of the type of skin that you have. I personally have rather sensitive skin, and would not think of buying face powders or blush on the site because of it. It would be too much of an irritant for my skin, but that is not to say that it won’t work for you either. That is why I am saying know your skin.
  • The biggest complaint about the eyeshadows, is that they do not last very long. I found that to be quite true. My Dusk shadow last a few hours, before it needs a touch up. It turns into a light grey…So use a good primer for your eyelids to preserve its wear. With the money you save on shadows, you could always invest in Mac’s bare canvas (I think it was called), or Urban Decays Primer Potion (Which I love~!). I have used the Monostat chafing cream as a primer before, and it’s actually not too bad. So thats a cheaper alternative. At the bare minimum, dust some powder on your eyelids, at least it will make the colours stand true, and perhaps fight oily eyelids longer, like mine.
  • The scented lip stuff, don’t last too long either. Though thats more because I tend to lick them off cause I happen to like the smell. My friend detests the smell, and seeing as she loves ‘borrowing’ stuff from me I carry the grape one around to deter her! haha…(I love the candlelight one I bought before.)

False Eyelashes: Natural
– the problem I had with this, was that they weren’t really tapered at all. So I had to mend them by trimming them (which I royally suck at.) The glue obviously isn’t all that great, so you will need to invest in a decent glue, (Duo) if anything. I personally didn’t like how they looked afterwards either, and so I cut them up into smaller pieces, and use them for the outer parts of the eye, in the smaller cuts that I made. (this was prior to the time they released the single lash kit.)
– also they lose their shape quite easily, seeing as they are rather hard to pull off the tray it comes in, so you must make sure to play them back on the tray somehow, so they can try and redeem the shape that it is supposed to take.

Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
– my friend reqested this, just to try out, seeing as she is a total liquid junkie. she found it to absorb in a really weird way onto her eyelid, and didn’t really retain its colour. so she had to touch it up with a pencil liner ontop of it to ‘seal’ it in.

Brightening Eye Liner
– I figured I couldn’t go wrong with eyeliner, so I bought one in black. I had hoped maybe this time around it would be better (the day I couldn’t find my MAC liner.)
– Basically it doesn’t really run very smooth, in drawing my line on my lid, and seeing as the skin is more sensitive to tugging, I don’t like using it. I don’t want premature wrinkles from pencil tugging! haha…the weird things we females need to worry about…
– the other thing with this, was that it smudges really easily for my type of lid. My type being moderately oily. I found that the BonneBelle liner was far better for double the ELF price. I kept having to clean the lower line during my trips to the bathroom, so I wouldn’t end up looking like a raccoon at the end of the day.
– but it does come with a decent sharpener. I like it a lot.

Brightening Eye Colour
– I got this in Drama. The main purpose in buying it, was to tote it around with me. And for the main purpose for purchasing it, it really stands up to the challenge. I love that the colours allow me to highlight where necessary, and blend when needed.
– Of course it still doesnt last as long, but it’s good for those days where you are late, and running to class/work/whatever, and you realize that you forgot the rest of your makeup at home on your desk top.
– because of its size, it’s quite convienient to carry around, and so I take it pretty much everywhere. Of course due to the size, it might not last very long, on a daily use basis, but again that’s not the reason that I originally purchased it for, so I love it.

Eye Widener
– Personally I Hated it. Didn’t do much for me. Might as well use a normal white pencil, or even pearly shadow

So that should be all now.
This winter, seeing as this year’s Canadian winter has been all crazy, my face has been pretty crazy as well. I haven’t been able to use foundation, mainly cause I need it to heal before covering it up. So I haven’t used the foundation brush yet…perhaps I should give it to my mom…

Oh one last thing. Sign up for their newsletter. I know I know, newsletters can be annoying. I completely agree. But if you are thinking of buying their stuff, they do have quite the number of promotional codes that you can use, that they send you right to your mail box. Though my personal fav, 50% off your purchase up to 15 dollars, is my favourite one. That and the $1 shipping code. Though I don’t remember what the code for that is. If you do a search online, I’m sure a lot of other proper beauty blogs will have them listed. But depending on what you are going to buy…I still think that the 50% off is the best one ever.

If there are any questions you might have…and you think I might be able to help you, do leave a comment. Otherwise…hope that your experience with ELF is a good one, far better than mine.
(though now…I am somewhat addicted to their shadows…and will need to purchase some more soon…damn…)

Movie Review: The Way Home…

And as usual…some links…

So a little background info on how I came across this movie.
Back in the later part of highschool, my mother mentioned this movie to me, when she saw a review in the newspaper. It was playing in Toronto or something, so she wanted to go watch it together. Or maybe she wanted to go rent it, cause the Korean one would have been released much earlier, than the American subbed, counter-part.

Anyway I remember seeing the mini postcard poster in our crazy English teachers bulletin board. I found it humourous that he had that up there. Just cause it didn’t seem to fit his character. And of course, he said that the only reason why he put it up, was that the poster was nice. Didn’t know what it was about…

What is it about?
It’s about a boy, who is dumped in the middle of the country, to live with his grandmother, whom he has never met, for a bit while his mother finds a job. Now thats not that big of a deal…right?
The problem lies in the fact that this kid, is a boy, a baby, and the grandmother is mute. And, as we notice in the first few minutes, his attitude is exactly like his mother, one filled with disdain for the place, and regret to have been related to such an individual.

“The apple doesn’t fall far, from the tree.”
Anyway, basically despite the childs inability to realize that he needs to stop thinking of only himself, acting like the brat that he is, the grandmother shows constant unconditional love and support.
So what did I like about this movie?
The grandmother. She never utters a word. She uses guestures to try and communicate. She is uneducated in academics unlike her grandson. And yet, the actress plays the part beautifully. In the way that she moves, the slight tremours of the hand. The looks. How the eyes play a vital part in showing patience to this child…Heartbreakingly wonderful.
If you watch this movie, which I suggest you do (though it might be hard cause it is a bit slow at times,) if you don’t feel a bit of a tug at your heart, or perhaps feel a tear forming in your tear ducts, I will declare that you are heartless and thus should be banished from the rest of the world. Ok that’s a bit harsh…I will just assume you’re a misguided soul. HA.

Movie Review: Never Forever

EDIT Feb0810
Check out the comments for hints if you like~ Other readers have left their input :)

So last night…being the very cheap person that I am (I got my recent VISA bill…omg…I should starve for the next month…or two…) I watched Never Forever online. (I won’t say where.) I remember browsing a blog, and seeing a trailer (this is the korean trailer, but you still get he main idea of it.) for it. It caught my eye, so when I saw it, I got some snacks to munch on, and started the show.

If you don’t know what I am talking about…
Hancinema Link
Wiki Stub

Anyway I thought that the movie was somewhat interesting. I liked that the movie started with death, and the connection that was made with the end of the movie. Or the connection I felt that was made. Anyway, I thought that the performance by Vera was a heartfelt one. Not too shabby at all. I have seen the ‘Immigrant’ guy in some Korean posters for dramas, and actually was somewhat surprised by his acting as well.

Ok acting aside. The story was alright. I bit more sex than I like even at my age, but it was necessary (kind of) for the point to be made…I thought that the idea that Gina tried to get across to us, as the viewer, was a good idea. I liked the transformation of Vera’s character, in establishing herself instead of constantly trying to please other people, as the reason that was stated by her husband, as to why he fell in love with her.

Anyway my reviews on books, and movies, aren’t all that great. I know. But I really didn’t think it was a waste of time to watch this, and if you don’t mind the nudity, it’s alright. Of course not something I would watch with my mom. But I discussed the ideas that were presented with her, and we had an interesting talk.

The one beef I had with the movie. Was the ending.
I am going to put my beef in black, so if you want to read it, well highlight it…I guess. otherwise…if the trailer seemed somewhat intriguing to you, try checking it out. Obviously as it was her first project as a producer/director? there was room for great improvement, but…whatever.


I loved that the one phone call made, was to his place. Where Sofie was seeking sanctuary. He had faith that she would be there? Anyway… But the fact that the screen blacks out, and then we see her on the beach, with her kid running away, and she’s pregnant. Well…I wanted to see the guy again! I wanted a firm “Hey! I am now married to the right guy!” visual. I read up on an interview with Gina, that was found on The Unarchivable. Her point is clearly valid. It makes more sense to put the emphasis on that…but…it would have been nice to see him with her as well :P


Online Review:

Oh Aldo.
How I have this extreme love-hate relationship with your merchandise.

I placed an order last Wednesday, right after I placed my Adidas order. I was really excited to get the shoes, seeing as they were a steal. 3 pairs for $89 (taxes all included).

Though I was hoping that they were just being cautious about their shipping time (3-6days for normal shipping), I got mine Tuesday afternoon. Spring shoes was much faster…and they are supposed to be the same company (though I fully realize they aren’t shipped from the same place.)

Well I was excited.
I carefully scanned the site to select boots. Unfortunately for me though, I had started looking a little too late, so I missed out on the boots that I posted on the sister site. Never the less, I saw 3 and placed an order.
I was greatly disappointed.

The rubber soles did not feel like rubber, but instead some hard plastic compound. If anything, 90% plastic, 10% rubber. For all three of the boots.
I normally wear size 38 in Aldo boots. Actually I should say I have ALWAYS worn a size 38 at Aldo. Very rarely do I need to try on 37’s. I have known this for quite some time now. And yet…I struggled a LOT to get these boots on. I am not pregnant (at least to my knowledge…unless I am the next Mary…), so there is no reason that my feet have grown. And sure enough, they haven’t! But I found that they were extremely tight to fit my feet into.
These boxes are going to be hell to haul back to a mall. I am not all that tall. 5’3ish. And they come up to my waist, stacked sideways of course…short side, not the long side.

I loved the styles. The pictures on site, were pretty bang on for the real thing. Unfortunately I felt that they did not fit, true to size, and I was disappointed by their “rubber” heels. I would have liked faster shipping…but that’s only cause I think my neighbours were starting to think I was weird for sitting on my windowsill, with my dogs, waiting for the UPS man to come! HA.

This was my first time shopping online with Aldo. In the end, it wasn’t the best experience, because of my two major annoyances. But really…if they had, I would have been thrilled. I was able to grab the size I needed, they are cute, and well, I’m sure I would have loved them otherwise.

Plus, they have a decent limit on free shipping. $80 is not unreasonable, seeing as other’s are charging something more than that.

Online Review:

I first noticed the “sale” through RFD forum. I was enticed because of the coupon code of 25% off an order that was available. I don’t like paying shipping, so I picked out several things to pass the $100 mark, for free shipping.


  • Website is very slow at times.
  • There were several pictures that don’t show up, despite having shoe sizes in stock.
  • There is no link back to the products, through your shopping cart. Meaning if you you want to change something, you have to research the product. (Luckily they have a search function that works pretty well.)
  • They should include a size chart that actually works. It wasn’t viewable for some reason, or was restricted to only men’s, or the pdf didn’t open.
  • kid’s selection could be much bigger
  • several prices tend to change once added to the shopping cart. (usually when there are several different colours. I was gonna buy a track jacket, only to realize that the colour I wanted was full price, while the baby blue was 45 :( )


  • A decent selection of choices, from shoes, apparel, to accessories
  • Many of the products have a few different views, making it easier to see the product you want to buy

(Yes the con’s seem to out weigh the pro’s…but some of the con’s are minor, especially if you aren’t a stickler like I am.)
Anyway I placed my order, Wednesday at 1am, and received my order 11:40am Thursday. Which, is as fast as Spring shoes, when I ordered from them during the summer. I quickly tore into my boxes (Came in 3 different boxes). I was disappointed that my Missy Elliot shoe box was pretty mangled (cracked, creased, taped). I like the box cause it also has Missy’s logo on it. Anyway, I bought 7.5 women’s shoe, since I send to run in the middle of sizes, but I found that these are a tad too big. I would much prefer 7.0

My shoe

So I’m going to have to see if I can sell it off…And perhaps buy another pair. Oh man online purchases are addicting :P

Anyway to conclude.
I am pretty impressed with my purchase. I love what I bought, and they were true to the pictures that were provided. As long as I can use a coupon code, I think it was a great choice in ordering from them.

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