Zune Zune Zune…


I think at the end of March/May (? I forgot when my contact individual said I signed up…), I found out about a word of mouth program by matchstick.ca. They are in works with chatthreads.com to send out 300 Zunes, I think in Canada. Anyway I hadn’t heard anything in awhile. So I just forgot about it. Until I decided that I wanted to go pick up a few things at Dollarama, and while browsing the organization box section, I get a call from an number that didn’t seem very familiar to me. Anyway to keep it short. I qualified for a Zune.

Now this was great timing. I was thinking of buying an Ipod, but I really really dislike getting things, just cause the rest of the world is getting it. (Except to this rule is the obvious purchases from EDM. It’s totally not the same thing though.) Anyway when I was younger, I bought tear-aways when everything thought they were so cool. Then I regretted it, cause I looked ridiculous in them. So after that, I stopped buying things that people though were cool. Therefore avoiding things that were thrends. So unless it was a classic, I avoided them.

Anyway, I borrowed my friends Ipod nano. the new stumpy one. The first thing I noticed, was that I hated the earbuds. Then when I switched them off, I realized that the sound quality wasn’t anywhere near that of my Sony Ericsson w810i Phone. And the Ipod is made for music! So I returned it to her. I had bought a Phillips, or was it Creative? back in January. It was really cheap, and good enough for music listening. But I got sick of the interface, and gave it to one my childhood friends, who could be easily satisfied, and not as picky as me.

So receving this Zune, was pretty cool. I was soooo anxious though, seeing as it was released 2 weeks ago, and I only received mine on Monday, the 23rd. The promotions for the Zune were everywhere! Anyway it was a tease.

I have to do a proper review on this,

but here is what I can say so far…

  • I personally think that the uploading program, the Zune OS?, that sync’s to your Zune, is quite annoying. Yes it provides every possible way of viewing your files, but I find that unnecessary.
  • it was also hard to navigate on the first try. It took me some fiddling around to finally understand how to upload things to my Zune, and organize things
  • my pictures turn out very nicely on the Zune. The colours are ALMOST true to colour. I would say…85-90% of the original colouring, which is pretty good in my opinion.
  • The stock headphones are not great. Thank goodness for the premium headphones I got otherwise, my review on this might have been greatly affected.
  • the player itself is VERY light. and sleak. It makes me wish I had the 80gig version.
  • radio capability is a very nice function

ok I have to leave it at that for now…

cause I have an exam in less than 12 hours.

Which is the only reason why I am awake, this early in the morning.

So I’ll leave it at this, and do a proper review later, with hopefully some real batter life capability as well. Which as we all know, is crazy important. My friend now wants to take my Zune, when she heads to Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, for short term Missions/Outreach.

Except…I’m gonna hide it so she doesn’t snatch it from me :P


2nd EDM haul

A mini haul…but seeing as it still was like 20+ before the coupon…I would consider this a nice sized haul for my wallet.

I bought the Flat Top Brush, Puff Jars, Comfy Sample size.I also got the sample kit (Buff Fairly Light Neutral, Olive Olive Medium, Golden-Winged Butter). I paid $4.44 for shipping to Canada . Much more reasonable from that ridiculous 6+ dollars from my 1st haul from them.

I put in the order in the wee early hours of June 10th. The form was printed and shipped on June 13th. Which is why it came today, and not on Friday like I supposed~

Which means that yes, it takes just under 2 weeks for my products to get to me. Which is a definite good thing.

click more for pictures.

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Common Sense…

**note: this is a bit more serious than what I normally share on here…but it really got to me…**

On page 2, of the Toronto Star, Friday June 20th, there is an article titled:

“Blanket suffocates autistic boy in Quebec.”

Article available Here, and a short written one here.

At first, after reading the title, and before reading the article, I thought, “oh no, another unfortunate death in the crib.” I read the first few sentences, and became confused when I read that he was 9-years-old. “Okay, then…how did he suffocate?”

Here is where apparently some one lacked some common sense.

This was my first introduction to a thing called the weighted blanket. A practice not only do I think is ridiculously unnecessary, but…extremely absurd. Of course this is coming from someone who doesn’t understand why in the world it was created in the first place, despite its means to calm down the child in their fits.

In any case, the article states..

who weighed about 50 pounds, was placed on his stomach with his arms at his side then wrapped from head to toe in the 39-pound blanket. The boy was left for nearly 20 minutes

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this, but back a few years, I was playing around with my cousins. I rolled over on my stomach, and cried mercy. My two cousins, aged 6 and 7, then came and sat on my back. I was laughing so hard from my play, that it was rather difficult to breathe. Because they were on my back, they were compressing my diaphram or lung expansion, leading me to take much more shallow breaths. Anyway it was a bit of an annoying situation, so I finally had to get them off of me.

I can’t say, for obvious reasons, that that is exactly what it must have felt like. But I can only glimpse into a tiny spectrum of what he much have went through. Except that Gabriel’s situation was so much more dangerous and unfortunately lead to his death.

But here is what upset me for several hours after.

50 pounds. On stomach. Arms at side. Head to toe. 39 pounds. Left alone.

I was working after reading this article, and it just kept playing back in my head, over and over.

I understand that it is not easy to be a teacher. Especially when tending to special needs individuals. I do give them respect for the fact that they normally have much more patience than I would ever have. A more calm mind to think things through. I don’t think that the teacher was necessarily wrong. Just quite unfortnately VERY misguided in her teachings, and VERY misinformed about the issues that may/and did arise from using a weighted blanket, and VERY unfortunately lacking common sense when dealing with the issue.

My heart broke, as my mind was angered. To think such a thing could have happened. When I was angered, all I could think was that this was no different then handcuffing “bad” and rowdy students to the wall in their classroom for a time out. Then add an unexpected fire that starts in the school.

Things desperately need to change. We cannot keep being so barbaric in or methods to “punish” students. We do need to be firm, but in a constructive manner.

I know not everything makes that much sense, reading this crazed writing of mine…but I really needed to get it off my chest.

I do hope that the parents are able to start something, to ensure a safer environment for their children.

I’m sick and tired of these things, that could have been avoided. Stop spending money unnecessarily, and properly fund schools so that they can provide more means to a proper, and safe educational environment.



I just bought the 6 piece kit. I didn’t make the $35 mark, but I don’t really care. I really didn’t know what else I needed. I so wish I had waited and made my last purchase and this one together…then I would have gotten it…
Oh my GOODNESS, this sale better end today…or else I’m screwed…I already want more…

Okay, so despite my whole issue with my first order with EDM, I placed another last Monday the 19th. And actually contemplating placing another now…seeing as today is the last day of the 20% sale that EDM is having in honour of their new website launch.

It should be noted, that they have been having MEGA troubles with transferring over to the new site (that is said to have been fixed now), so delays are to be completely expected. My shipment should have arrived by now, and hasn’t. They are rather difficult to reach by email, but they do their best to reply apparently. I think more people have luck with posting problems in the forums, than emailing them.

so the decisions in what to buy have been killing me!

Why is this so difficult you ask?

Because I don’t want to be hit with ridiculous duty fees.

Which is why I have totally stalked out Canadian buyers to ask their feedback on when they buy things from EDM, and whether they get charged.

A Watercolour sky actually answered my boring question…
I heard somewhere too that under the NAFTA, products made in the US isn’t taxable by Canadian customs. Am not sure though. I know though that the rule is if its under $20, or $60 for a gift, you won’t get taxed for sure. I’ve tried making Everyday Minerals and Madame Madeline orders close to CAD$40 and didn’t get any charges. Not sure if they just let it go because of the NAFTA thing or because it wasn’t over by that much.

It would be risky though with ordering from a place like Sasa.com, which is why I haven’t bought anything there even though I’d love to try some of the products there.

I already knew about things from Sasa, seeing as most of them aren’t US made, and about the under 20, which is why I keep all my purchases as close to that amount, but I’m really hoping that if I put in an order for a custom kit, that I will get lucky like her *crosses fingers*

Farrah is a blogger who actually commented on my EDM issue. Noticing that she has a blog as well, I checked it out. And now I have decided that if I get the custom kit, I will most likely go with wakeupcall. I don’t know why, it is a lovely colour, totally not me…but I am strangely attracted to it.

What to buy…what to buy…I don’t work well under pressure :P

Oh also to just mention. I am FOREVER boycotting a place called SMOKEY JOE’s in the Sheppard and Yonge (I think?) Area. In the past 12 months, I have gone a total of 3 times.

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Paint nee “Electric Cosmetics”

*I will post pictures as soon as I can. I’m actually supposed to be finishing up an assignment, but because I was so pissed off receiving this package, I needed to write NOW. Or risk screwing up my assignment. GRr..*

To sum it up.


So I ordered my 3 5 gram jars, with apparently 1.5 Tbsp worth of pigments. I say “apparently” cause CLEARLY looking at the jars, that is simply not the case. I have been tapping them hard on my dresser, and they are all different heights. I have fluffed them up, and they are still all different heights in the jar.

(I just dumped it out onto a Tbsp. I don’t know what type of Tbsp they are using, but this is not 1.5 worth. Though considering they were “delayed” from the sale, I’m assuming they just rushed everything, and slapped things together.)

I also ordered this on the 27th of May. So typically companies tend to ship out max 2 days, from what I have experienced so far. Maybe that is faster, but seriously, even with a sale, I don’t expect my stuff to be shipped out 10 business days after I have placed my order. TEN FREAKING DAYS! So basically, they sent it out 2-3 days after I wrote them to ask what was up. She wrote back stating there was a delay with shipping cause of the sale, but I DON’T expect 10 business days worth of a delay cause of the shipping. THAT is improper business etiquette. Or had you known this, they should have notified us in some way, or hired more help. Basically my point is, this was handled in a very poor manner.

I paid 4.50 in shipping to Canada. The envelope says 1.42 American. THAT pissed me off ROYALLY. (Have you noticed the EXCESSIVE use of CAPITALS so far?!?) I placed this as third, even though I noticed it first, because I figured that the pigment sizes must have been more than I had expected. But nope. That was not the case.

I am pissed off, cause Chistiana is not off her mark when she makes her reviews. Which is why I love browsing the blogs that I do. They are very accurate, and right to the point. They clearly mention everything. But unfortunately for me, it seems that with the new company, and it’s transition, things have gone to hell. (Hopefully for them, only temporarily.)

The only thing going for them…
Is that their new jars, are pretty kick ass. They resemble paint pots, therefore rightly representing the name change of the company. And like they said in the letter I got, these don’t seem to be the type to crack or have lids pop off them accidentally. But it’s sad when the only good thing to say is that their packaging is great. No?

Oh okay, actually another thing is that their pictures on the site, are almost on mark. Frost wasn’t as sparkly as I thought it would be, but Malignity Rouge, and Hazlenut were pretty on mark. I’d say like 85% on the dot.

But the samples I received were not. Aduacious was about 2 shades lighter, Hey Doll was more Baby pink, then the candy pink on the site, Sassy Vixen was more pink, then the red on site. Allure was fine. Of course it should be mentioned that all computer screens don’t display colours the same. But that would mean even still, some weere on the mark, and the others weren’t.

Oh another thing I should mention, is that I got an extra sample. Not that that appeases me in any case from my 4 points up there. But it was a somewhat nice gesture.

Overall. I do think the colours are lovely. But there is no way I will ever buy from her again. Unless there is some proper business etiquette, or a clear sense that they have sorted things out. I am surprised cause usually smaller business are more keen, more proper, and much more ontop of things, so that they can get their business off the ground. But…for me…this was not the case. Hopefully others have a better experience but this one experience of mine, is FAR more than good enough for me to not want to touch this in awhile.

And I was so extremely excited about my purchase from here…
I wish I spent the 17 dollars on EDM’s instead…
The one thing that would make me happy right now…is…the secret package. LOL


Got my Buff’d Mineral sample pack today. Ordered last Monday, got it today, so a week turnaround? Not too bad I guess. I was just poking the plastic baggies, and you can definitely tell that there is a different consistency to them. Well seeing it has that clay thing in it.

I am STILL waiting on my Electric Cosmetics package. I have sent an email to Dez, the owner, and have not heard anything back. A bit diappointing, but I read a message on the website, so I guess they are a tad busy with the transitions. Though I find that to be no excuse to not dealing with customers from before. I ordered my package on May 26…so the fact that they have yet to arrive is a little annoying. Mainly cause I wanna try out my colours! Seeing as they were so highly reviewed.

I haven’t gotten my mysterious package yet…but am excited. Apparently quite the number of individuals have/are getting the package as well. Makes me feel a little less special, especially seeing as you can now pick one up for yourself in any store…but it still hold some cool allure to it :)

Other than that, I’m just trying to be patient with all the stuff that is expected to come…but…I do lack patience! :P

It’s a good day…

I don’t want to mention too much before I get it…

But I qualified for something.

Me, of all people, actually qualified for something.

Perhaps with this good luck, I should buy some more raffles for the fundraising thing.

I mean my dad wins a crap lot of stuff…albeit stuff we hardly need…so he ends up giving away…

but he is the only one to win things…

or my neighbour, who won a BMW (which I still drool over), from that Princess Margaret raffle thing.


It took all my strength not to squeal into the phone today! HAHA…

I’m excited :)

I will share soon!