Dont Have a Cow, (Wo)Man

That is what I thought when I first saw this on the Face Shop website [Korea] I knew that despite the fact I had wanted to place an order for the Jeju Volcanoc Lava Peel Off Clay Nose Mask, I had to get these, too!

Bart is just the regular Jeju Nose Strips repackaged to fit the collection. But, I couldnt help myself. You can see the rest of the stuff HERE

Anyway, my main purpose was the Jeju Volcanoc Lava Peel Off Clay Nose Mask [Korea] [Canada] since they were on sale for just under $3 CAN. 

I have been using them for their older versions since 2012? I had picked them up when I went to Korea at the end of 2010. Then once I started running out, I got friends to help me. They actually revamped it to the Blue version, but the Jeju is the latest reincarnation of the peel. 

The blue one is the previous version, whereas the brown one is the current. 

Tried this one out to see if it was any different, but got to say it is the same thing I do love using. 

Now full background. My pores have always been on the large side. Genetics, as moms are a little big too. In addition, the air in Korea is messing with them, meaning they get VERY congested. So, the reason why I like the peel off mask is that I can apply anywhere I need the help. 

Here is my current process. I prep a week in advance. Now I dont know skincare enough. I just know little bits here and there, and try to make sense of it myself. But, I use the AHA to loosen the top layer, and BHA to loosen the inner. Then slap on the mask where needed, and bam. I follow up with the BHA, and then a nice massage with my evening creams. I know that there are those who are against them, but these work for my process which is why I love using them. 

I do have an after shot to show, but cant figure out on the iPhone how to make it smaller. So, Ill need to add it later. 

Now, I know the instructions say 10-15 minutes, but I keep it on until it feels bumpy/rough. You should be careful when peeling. If you feel you are in pain or whatnot, apply a bit of water to loosen the pack, and peel carefully. 

Do you use the strips? Or have you tried the liquid versions like the Jeju Volcanic?

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