Late night taxi ride…

A whole crapload of things went down last night as I was hanging out with friends and coworkers.

In the end, I needed to take a taxi on my own since the girl I was with suddenly disappeared.

When I got in, I told the man where I needed to go (well, I told him the subway station, since I don’t actually know my address…forgot I had it in my phone lol). He goes…

“Why don’t you walk?”
“…because I don’t know where I am?”
“How can you not know where you are?”
“Cause I don’t live here?”
“Then you shouldn’t go out”
“Look I’m a foreigner”

In English…

“Liar. You are liar.”

Wait…what? Now the rest of the conversation is in English
“Pardon me?”
“You lie to me”
“Why would I lie to you?”
“You speak Korean well, so just walk”
“I only speak it, doesn’t mean I know everything. You don’t believe me? Here’s my foreigner immigration card!!”

“Oh. Why do you speak Korean so well”

Now I’ve reverted back to Korea. I have this thing where when I am talking to older people, I can’t help but talk to them in Korean…even if they are talking to me in English…I know…I’m odd.

“My parents taught me as they are Korean”
“Oh. I see. We are here”

I basically gave him money and left the taxi. I was quite pissed.

He called me a liar -____-


You would think they would care a bit more…

This is a rant.

So if you don’t care for it, please continue on.

But I’m just so unsatisfied with Yorkdale Cineplex Odeon that I have officially vowed to ban that location from my places to go.

A few days ago, I wanted to watch Les Miserables with my mother. She hasn’t gone to a movie since I was born, which is just too much time. Plus I wanted a mother daughter date. So I picked up the cheaper movie passes on campus, and we headed to Yorkdale to watch it (out of my way by a lot, but it was the only place showing at 1:05pm).

Now when I get there, there is one person manning the ticket booth. Okay, that’s fine, I mean considering the time. Usually Matinees aren’t busy.

HOWEVER, there was a group of high school kids, and some guy that was currently being served that was backing up the line. There were 5 people ahead of me, not including the high school kids, and the man already at the counter. But this worker was going SUPER slowly! I should also mention that right in front of me, was an elderly man, and an elderly woman in a wheelchair behind me.

It took me 7-8 minutes to get to the counter.

All this time, he worked alone.

It just so happens when I get to the damned counter, that is when the other guy comes.

Now I bring this up, “Look, if you are being backed up, you should call for backup instead of making us wait like this. Thankfully because of the previews I haven’t missed my movie.”

To that he replies, “I called for someone see,” and gestures to the guy.

“Well calling someone near the end of the issue, and after so much time has passed, isn’t really helping the situation is it?”

Then the MORON, yes I will call him a freaking moron (seriously dude, if I saw you on the street, I would probably want to kick your shins,) didn’t scan my Scene cards correctly. My mother and I each have our own. I separate the tickets and the cards, and told him to process them, “This ticket on this card, this one on the other”. That isn’t a hard request.

I finish up and check my receipt. He scanned ONE card, putting both tickets on the one card. You Jerk. “Why did you not do as I asked?”

“Well cause I can process them both on one card.”

“Well obviously you need to read your manual on the Scene membership, as you just failed to redeem an extra 100 points for me. Forget it, I’m going to catch the movie”

and I left.

Once I got to the entrance, I was so bottled up by the moron’s rudeness, that I ranted. Right to the two guys that were standing there. The other Cineplex workers.

I gotta say, they know that when a girl needs to rant, let her rant. Just nod and say nothing until you are asked. They did a great job. Once I got that out of my system, one of the guys (the other slowly sidestepped away…) asked if he should call the manager for me, if the rant wasn’t enough. I laughed and thanked him, but told him if anything I will talk to him after the movie.

Except when I sat down, I was still peeved.

So I went back out and asked him to call a manager for me.

Now the manager experience was interesting. At first I was glad that he was listening, and understood that there should have been an apology, and a quicker reaction time to a call for help from the ticket booth. But the problem there was that I realized afterwards, he kept cutting me off. And I HATE that. You listen to my issue, and then you can have your turn.

So he told me he would add the points on for me after the movie, and include vouchers.

But guess what.

I was watching the movie, and realized that something was off. The screen was not calibrated properly, and scenes were being cut off weird. Like a huge shot of Russel Crowe’s face, cut just above his eye. It was just off! Not to mention that it was overly loud. Like, I wish I could stuff my ears with cotton loud. Which I know is not normal :T So it was definitely uncomfortable in the beginning of the movie, and I dreaded any moment that would have a musical scene with drums and such.

So, one trip where Cineplex Odeon dropped the ball not once, but twice.

I understand it is a matinee show. HOWEVER, you need your staff to do the work properly. Not ignore their duties. What do you pay them to do then?

It also wasn’t cool that the Cineplex Odeon twitter account also ignored the issues I raised. I checked their previous tweets, and it seems that they only use the account to mention new movie releases, movie facts, or giveaway. No interaction with those on twitter otherwise. What a fail at using Twitter.

Okay, now that I got that out of my system…

Back to regular blogging lol






What do you do when you receive bad customer service?

Seeing as I am still worked up about this, I thought I would do what helps/I find theraputic…blogging.

So today is what do you do when you receive bad customer service.

I can’t say that I handled my reactions to their poor service well, but seriously, having to sit in back to back 3 hours lectures, hoovering my lunch in 3 minutes, getting shoved into the new train because it was rush hour at Yonge and Bloor (then getting my coat stuck in the door and laughed at by other people…), not finding a seat (then finding one next to a man who seemed rather intoxicated by I have no idea what), remembering that I have a small assignment due tomorrow, then having to deal with crappy CS at Walmart just did not make my day.

If you were here for a review post, not today folks, so you may want to keep moving.

If you are extremely bored and feel like reading my rant, then by all means I welcome it…

Here goes.

For the past 8 months I have been going to the Walmart Supercentre in my area to get my pictures developed. I found that my location had decent quality, and their one hour service never took the full hour, and was cheap! So I have been going on average once a week, mostly because of church and practicum pictures that I needed developed.

So seeing as I had a few special requests from parents, for copies of the pictures I had taken, I got in the car, and we drove to Walmart Supercentre in Rexdale.

Now in the past 8 months, I have usually dealt with this younger woman, and a younger man. They have always been helpful when one needed it, and never sassed you.

Not today.

The usual duo was missing from the counter which made me sad (cause I do like seeing them. They put up with my mini chats xD). Anyway, I processed my photos in the machine, and went over to the desk to pay.

It starts here.
She did start off well, she did smile at least, however smiles mean nothing. I rather have someone not smile but treat me well, then have someone who smiles and treats me like crap.

I paid, and I asked her (as I always ask this question when I come in…), “How long will the pictures take?”

This is where her expression changes.

“This is a one hour service. It will take an hour.”
I wish I could convey to you how rudely this was said to me.

“Oh, I in all my times coming here it has never taken the full hour which is why I am asking.”

“It takes one hour. We are VERY busy.” *Gestures to the machine*

“Yes I can understand that but even on the busiest days it hasn’t taken an hour.”

“This is an hour service, I can’t give you any sooner than that, so come back in an hour.”

Now in all seriousness, I understand that it is a one hour service. I do, as that is what it is called. However I do know that the machine works quite quickly, and never takes that hour, no matter what. I know that had my other usual worker been there, she would give me the proper estimate (she was amazing at that) and it would be done and over with. So I could assume that this person didn’t know what she was talking about

Anyway back to the story…

She then turns towards the machine and says, “see all the orders? I cant…”

“Okay okay,” *I turned away from her and started walking towards the door*, “Whatever. Fine, I’ll see you in an hour”

It was 8:17 then. Wasn’t too happy with that as there wasn’t much time left to kill time with shopping around the plaza.

Fast forward an hour…

I walk into the place and there is a man heading the counter now. I was thankful for that as I really didn’t want to deal with the other worker.

“Well look at that, the orders are already done, and you only have two left.”
(There are two baskets on the cabinet. One for the new envelopes, and one for fulfilled orders)

I gave him the paper. He hands me the order.

“Could I also have 2 extra envelopes please?”


“Two envelopes so I can separate the pictures, its for someone else.”

“Here,” *hands me ONE envelope* “That’s enough.” And then he waves his hand in a shooing motion! WTH?!

So here’s the deal, at SDM or Blacks, I have not had issues with receiving extra envelopes. If you are NOT allowed to give them out, just say that. Don’t give me a half-assed deal. I was once at Pizza Pizza, and we had fries or something, so we asked for a box, the guy said that because they count inventory of boxes as well, he can’t give them out. That was fine, but he gave us a bunch of napkins to make up for it. I don’t mind if you just tell me. But telling me one is enough and shooing me away?

So in annoyance and anger, I said…

“Fine then, I’ll make 3 seperate orders for next time.”

“Yeah, you do that.”

“My Gosh you guys are really rude today, I don’t know what’s going on but I hope that the other works are coming back.”

And I left.

I just don’t get it.

It may be hard to understand my annoyances, but it was just such a pain with their attitude, their tone of voice. I really didn’t need it at all today. My dad was so surprised with their service today as well, so I have a witness. He laughed all the way home though. He says this is why I should stick to Blacks.

I want my usual lady back!!! *whines*

there we are. My frustration for the day.

I may now have to go to the SDM at Y&B and just enjoy that service there. It is a tad pricey so I hate going there, but its better, and at least I know the photo guy there is regular, and NICE.

What do you do when you get back customer service?
I was tempted to go to the CS and complain, but I have to do this assignment and go to bed, as I need to be up at 6am.

So what would you do?

Food should never disappoint…

…but it often does when I eat out.

Especially when I eat Korean.

FYI this is a food rant.

My parents used to own a Korean Restaurant. I think had it been started earlier, it would have survived better, or even in a more central location with more people…(but that is now in the past…) anyway, being a HUGE eater, and unfortunately blessed with a palette for Korean food tastes, I was used as a guinea pig for recipes and dishes that my mother wanted to put out. I was also send on undercover missions to try out meals at other places…

I’ve been pretty happy I don’t have to do that anymore…but whenever we go out, my mother wants to have Korean. I don’t understand why seeing as she always says her version is better. I tried to get her to eat Sushi at New Gen with me (I love their ice cream…and its cheap. Though I do like Sushi on Bloor…I think that is what they are called.) but failed. She dragged me into a newly reopened Jajangmyun store at Christie.

I was disappointed as soon as we stepped in. I saw dishes that were only partly eaten, all over the tables. They had one younger male as a waiter, and with the orders (not that there was a crap load of people, but I think he wasn’t used to do this kind of work), and things were just in an overall state of disarray.

When we were sat down, we were sat at a dirty table. They cleaned it, except the table was very wet when they wiped it down. And they forgot to take the water container. So I placed it towards the end of the table so they could take that away as well. The female owner sees it after 10 mins, and asks “Oh, I wonder where this came out of?”

Yeah…no comment.
When our orders are finally taken, they say that “today is the first day of opening.” Okay…so?! Shouldn’t you at least apologize that everything is crazy? Just stating that this is the first day isn’t enough.

I left sick, and very annoyed that one of my favourite dishes were butchered.

This is Tansuyuk (탕수육) which basically is the Korean version of Sweet and Sour pork.  Check out more info HERE.

Seoul House used to make AMAZING ones back in the 90’s. Unfortunately cooks have changed many times since then…and I no longer order it from there.

Anyway I don’t want to mention the name of this store, because I was so ridiculously disappointed.

It looked and smelled decent when it got to our table…but that is where it ended…
(and yes, that is mama. She hates this picture…but it is relevant to the story.)
(The small bowl of Jajangmyun is $5, the Tangsuyuk is $13)

Korean Tangsuyuk
It looked great, and smelled pretty good. So I can’t really say much about the sauce formula…

Korean Tangsuyuk
The pork didn’t look like pork, was dry, and just…not pleasant to chew.

Korean Tangsuyuk
This was only part of the batter nothings from the plate, the others were disgarded in our noodle bowl.

Korean Tangsuyuk
we got several of these phantom Tangsuyuks. The pretended to be filled with luscious meat, only to reveal nothing but air when you bite into them.

Korean Tangsuyuk
I should have taken the picture side by side, but you could easily pull out the meat from the ‘casing’ and it would be roughly 1/6th of the overall piece.

It was disappointing. I mean I did try and eat it happily in the beginning, but…it really got to me that the batter was SO thick around the meat, and that is usually done to conceal the fact that the meat is small to start off with. Except people are not stupid, and you can tell as soon as you bite into it. The batter should be crunchy at least a little, but it was chewy.

The Jajangmyun wasn’t too bad, but they didn’t give you enough sauce, but I did like their Radish Kimchi (Gakdugee).

Mama, as she was paying this time around, couldn’t stay quiet about it, so she went up to pay and carried the dish with her. She told them the issues that we had with the food. That if they were going to put something out for sale, that it had to be ready, otherwise it would just ruin their business. The female owner apparently just looked at her, and gave my mom her change. GG.

Anyway, to try and cheer ourselves up, we went to Honest Ed’s to just roam about. But that is when the insane amount of MSG that was put into the foods kicked in (I am going to assume it is MSG because if it isn’t that, that means something went bad, and was making me sick.)

Not to get too much into it, but I am thankful that the bathrooms were clean at Honest Eds.

It is one reason why I try and stay away from Korean food, I rather be ignorant and eat something else. Like Miga.

I went there for my birthday treat to my parents in January. The food…was a huge disappointment as well, and the staff…eh. Anyway, whenever I would pass by, the place would be filled with people who were not Korean, and I knew then that it wouldn’t last very long.

They have since been closed down by the building owner, for the past month or so. Unfortunate really, but that building is just cursed. McDonalds was the only one that could have survived. (I actually miss the McD’s being there…)

Anyway that is my food rant…I’m still so sad, cause they had potential, but I would never go back unless it changed ownership, cause that type of owner is not the one I would like to give my moola to.

Unfortunate SDM experience…

UPDATE Feb.14.10

Thank you for writing to us about your experience at the Shoppers Drug Mart located at 958 Bloor St. in Toronto. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

With regards to accepting computer printed coupons, it is up to the discretion of the store manager whether the store will accept these types of coupons. Your comments and concerns are important to us and have been forwarded to the Management Team at the store.

Thank you again for bringing this matter to our attention and allowing us to improve our services to our customers. Please do not hesitate to contact the Customer Call Centre at 1-800-SHOPPERS should you have any further questions or comments.

Did you know the bolded part? Cause I sure didn’t. On top of that, it still isn’t the policy of SDM as an entire group to NOT accept online coupons like this manager claimed.

If you follow me on twitter, you are most likely one of the few who (that actually follow me XD) and tried to console me in my blind rage. I could have been one of the recently accident casualties at the rate I was ignoring cars :T

In any case, I went to a SDM location to use a coupon to buy Marcelle and Annabelle products. In the end, I only bought one eyeshadow. I shouldn’t have bought it, but I wanted the receipt for the store number. (In the end I realized when sending the email, I didn’t need it :T I could have written the address…)

I was appalled that I had to endure this kind of customer service, and tutored my students a few hours later, who immediately realized that something was wrong. (which let to me ranting as fast as I can in 2 minutes.)

Readers, as consumers, know that you have a right to stand up for yourself. I completely understand that it is a hard thing to do, because even I had trouble doing yesterday. I had to control myself so I would start swearing at the SOAB for ruining my afternoon.

Also I would like to add, that this experience of mine is…usually not one that happens at SDM. It usually happens at my other disliked retailer. And I think that is what also made me so infuriated by this event.

Anyway I sent them the email. I don’t actually expect an email back, though I would appreciate it. But really what can they say/do? So in the end it is just me, trying to feel better.

I removed the obvious store, and well gender.

Again just because I had a bad experience at this location, doesn’t necessarily mean you will to, seeing as there are a bunch of cashiers on rotation.

Hi there,

I ran into a few problems that left me deeply angered. I happen to like shopping at SDM because of the Points program, and the workers are fairly helpful, unlike another retailer I do not go to anymore. And because that, I would like to continue to do so, and thus I am letting you know of an issue that I had.

Today I tried to use a computer printed coupon at the SDM location ***

At the cash, I was promptly told that I was not allowed to use them.
Because I have used a few from when they were first issued (In December), I knew for a fact that they were accepted at SDM.

So being told that I could not use them left me puzzled.

I proceeded to tell the cashier that it was a valid coupon from the Facebook Fan site, and that I had been able to use it at SDM locations before, and that the reason I came to this specific one was to find a product that was being discontinued, and I could not find at my local store.

The cashier was uncomfortable at accepting them, and kept saying that if I accept this, and we send it to Annabelle, I know they will reject it and I will get in trouble. So in an effort to put the cashier’s mind at ease, I asked if we could just get a manager to clarify.

The cashier called a manager.

Without even LOOKING at the coupon, the manager told me that I could not use the coupon. When I told the manager I didn’t understand, seeing as I had been able to use it before, the manager took the coupon from the cashier, glanced at it, and told me it is one per transaction. I clarified to the manager that it doesn’t state that, and was then told that was all the manager would offer. I told the manager fine, I would just make 3 transactions then, and was shot down again. Which was interesting as at this very same location, that is what my friend was told by a cashier that they were willing to do, so the my friend could use all the coupons.

The manager went on to say that it was SDM policy NOT to accept printed coupons.

When I asked the manager if this was the manager’s policy or SDM’s policy, the individual claimed that it was SDM’s policy. Then the manager proceeded into the next upsetting issue…

“How do I know that it is a real coupon? Maybe you just photocopied the original, made a lot of copies, and trying to cheat the system. So then you are telling me that a company would post a free product coupon on the website, and you could print them ALL out and just keep getting things for free? NO!” (Yes this is a slight paraphrase, but I kept it to as close as possible. Which wasn’t hard to do as it kept replaying in my head as I left the store.)

First off, I don’t understand how the manager felt the needed to make it personal to me. Why did the manager have to assume that I was a scammer, trying to cheat the store? Why could the manager have just left it at, ‘Well because it doesn’t state that this is from Facebook, I am sorry but I cannot accept it at this store. You can try another store to see if they can accept it there’?

Second, obviously companies do not tend to make that mistake. The last time someone make an error, Pharma Plus lost out in what I can only imagine was 100’s of thousands of dollars because of the error in their printed coupon last Spring.

At this point, upset beyond belief for being pretty much called out as a scammer, the manager walked away, and I was left to decide.

The cashier then went on to tell me that “I should know better than to use printed coupons”.

This statement from the cashier upset me on several levels.

First who was the individual to ‘judge’ my intelligence?

Second, just because your boss ‘backed you up’ you are acting smug to me?

Third, is that really any way to respond to a customer, who only asked for the manager because the cashier was afraid to take the coupons in the first place? I only asked for the manger because I didn’t want the cashier to worry that the individual was breaking the rules. I know how frustrating being a cashier can be, so that was the only reason I asked for the manager. Not to put the individual in his place.

Thank you for reading,

– a Frustrated & Disappointed customer

Lump summing ‘Asian’ eyes…

EDIT Feb0410:
Got a reply. They made a change…and…its better than nothing. CLICK

EDIT Feb0310 11:44am:
Thanks to Angry Asian Man, and everyone else who has been retweeting and trying to get through to Maybelline. Seems like this is only on the Canadian PR side, cause my friend said that there is no sign up for the magazine for the US. I am going to keep asking for the PR email from the US twitter account, hopefully they don’t just think I’m spam :T

@MNYInsider I need to contact the Canadian PR about this ‘Asian Eyes’ issue. Many of us r OUTRAGED by this issue.

I have gotten a few emails, and comment, that you cannot reach them by email, cause they have poor CS like that. Which is why I am turning to their twitter account. If anything you could also leave them a facebook message, though it might be hard for them to read as well.

EDIT Feb0310 12:25am:
I guess I should have written how you can access that page. If you go to the main page, and at the bottom right hand corner there should be the MNY logo “Request your free…” Click on that. You will then head to THIS page. From there you sign up and it will be the second step of the sign up process.

Also seeing as there is a lot of viewers, apologies in advance for the poorly written post. I didn’t know what to do with this information at the time, and just posted what I could actually process at that moment. I believe I was just shocked that this continues on today, the generalization, and the sheer stupidity that exists in the minds of some others, and how Asians are still perceived. Such a shame. Thank you for reading, and hope that something will be done about this soon.

EDIT 7:07pm:
The more I’ve been talking to my friends, the more frustrating this is becoming. One of my friends was actually pissed that they could be so narrow minded. Anyway here is a few contact into. I am using the US site because the Canadian one only has a call centre.

Link to their MNYinsider twitter account HERE (its the only one that pops up :T)

Maybelline US Customer Feedback HERE
(I know the problem is that it is the Canadian website, but they don’t have email, so unless you want to wait and call in, this is the best option.) But to fill out the form, you need your phone number, address, zip code…ugh, I tried making things up and kept hitting a road block!

Facebook Canada Account HERE

They are owned by LorealUSA as Fresh.elle has made notice of
So you can check this site for different ways to contact them.

is it right?

(For those who don’t watch videos, I wrote it up as well. I don’t watch videos at home because of my limited bandwidth with Rogers. BOOOOO Rogers :T)

So MNY Maybelline came out with the first magazine/newsletter issue thing that is ‘customized’ for each person depending on hair & eye colour, skin type etc etc.

They will be releasing the second edition soon, and so they sent out an email to tell us to update our profiles…so when I get there…

We start off innocently enough…

MNY profile

That is…Until we get to eye shape…

MNY profile

MNY profile

Wait wait?!

MNY profile

“Oh no, you did’nt…”

Okay give them the benefit of doubt…they couldn’t really be going there…

MNY profile

MNY profile

MNY profile

MNY profile

OMG they DID!!!

Sigh. Like I mention in the video, I don’t really know if its just straight out offensive, or I’m just irked by the ignorance.

Yes I may have the stereotypical small Asian monolid eyes, but that DEFINITELY doesn’t mean that everyone does. Yes a lot of girls in Korea tend to get Double Eyelid Surgery done, but NOT all girls have to. There are quite the number of girls who have natural double eyelids, and forever will be questioned because of it. On top of that, Asia isn’t just one specific part, but a bunch of groups. So how can you lump sum us all into one generalization?

Dang. This irked me so much that I came out of my video hiatus/hibernation and made a video.

And with all the questions I would like Maybelline to answer, one that was on my mind was…

I wonder if this is Angry Asian Man material? lol Probably not, but it is a fun site to visit.

Well that concludes my rant for today. Back to life…

(woah on two posts today.)

Caution: Do not attempt on the road…


click MORE for the rant…

On a Different Note…

I went to Pharma Plus and picked up the Lash Blast, and the Pulse today. Great deal! remember that it ends soon, so if you are planning on getting in on the deal, GO NOW!~ lol okay don’t go now, but just don’t forget, especially if you were looking to buy a new one XD

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