Musical Friday – Feels like A River

Kenn Colt – Feels Like a River


Finding a way to de-stress…

Finding a way to De-stress
Finding a way to De-stress

Lately, I’ve been having a rather…interesting time.

I turned a year older, and was met with a few disappointments, let downs, and just overall crap. Honestly, it has been hard. I think what made it even harder, was the fact that…just because I am older, it doesn’t always get better. Well, just not yet for me. So, I do have a few hurdles that I have to get over, even at my age. I guess, it gets harder, since I know some of the stuff is being talked down upon by people who I should be close to.

So, I have been finding ways to try and chill.

I probably shouldn’t be chilling…but I need the mini breaks.

I see alot of people on Instagram decorating lovely envelopes for their snail mail penpals. I figured it was a way that I could use my washi tape, and play around. On that note, the washi tape that I am using are generally from Daiso, and has a plastic film. This makes them rise, so I need to glue them down.

Finding a way to De-stress
Finding a way to De-stress
Finding a way to De-stress
Finding a way to De-stress
I also learned from an Instagrammer, that I could use Deco Rush and create mini stickers by rolling them on labels. Unfortunately, I don’t have mini labels, but I was able to use the name stickers I got from Daiso. The same stickers are usually used for labelling your own things.

I had made a mistake for one of the stickers, so I added other stickers to create a super strong sticker. Okay…even I am getting bored at reading this…lol

Night time thoughts…

Is started typing this, but I couldn’t find a way to condense it.

Back in high school, I lost a teammates ring during softball practice. We were practicing for the tournament that was coming up (I played centre, and third base).

Grandmas ring that was given to her before she passed.

You see, you shouldn’t wear rings in the event of an accident, and your fingers swell/cut off circulation. So, she popped it into my pant pocket. Unfortunately I didn’t know there was a hole, can you believe it?!

We were all over the field for practice. I skipped classes & spent 3 hrs combing that field, praying that we didn’t stomp it into the soil. I eventually found it. But with consequences.

Currently trying to do something similar right now with life. I’m persistent…but I find that as I’ve gotten older, I give up faster than I used to. I think that is also why I’m thankful I have people around me who push me, encourage me when I get down.

Thank you.
In the last 3 years, you have no idea how much your interactions, no matter how little, have been for me.

Trying to remember my blessings, and trying to stay optimistic.

As a side note, I desperately wanted to be on the school softball team. I went to tryouts with a broke toe. I actually ran laps around the field near my house. I worked on footwork to try and be more responsive. I was proud when I made it. I was lucky that I was able to throw further, and more accurately than most of the other girls.

Random Organization

Ah…the cheap life.
I didn’t want to spend money on organizing stuff at work, so I did this. But then stumbled across another “hack”.

Slip a smaller cup inside the taller one. That way, you have extra space to tuck other things inside.

You want the lip to be similar size though, otherwise it will not stay.

As you can see, I have clips in one, while I have washi tape and post-its in the other.
It helps me keep some things at hand, in an organized way. Then I don’t have to bother with struggling with my desk drawers.


Told you that this was a random post…


Last week on Instagram…

Nothing eventful…as per the usual.

This mini crystal thing for our hall, catches the sun rays for a very brief moment. During this time, the hall is filled with such beautiful colours. I usually miss it, as it only lasts a few minutes…

Do you like buying jeans? Truthfully, like the others who commented, I’m not a HUGE fan of going through the process of buying jeans. There are jeans that make my butt flat…which isn’t great cause I have Mom’s flat butt. Also, because I am short, I need to buy ones for my height. I have had some good luck with the jean $7-10 pairs I buy from Old Navy, Super Skinny Jeans in Petite/Ankle cuts. Some of them are also thicker, so they last quite well. I actually loved one pair so much, I bought two of them of the same colour. Tres awesome. Anyway, because of the various sales that Gap and Old Navy have had over the year, I have acquired quite a few pairs of denim. Not a bad thing, but it was just amusing that I used to hate wearing them as a kid. I had to put away the lighter pairs, but took this shot before I replaced it with some of my heavier weight jeans.

Taking a look at recent CoverGirl goodies…

*Disclosure: I am a #BeautyUnited blogger. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events. The opinions on this blog are my own*

Ready Set Gorgeous
Ready Set Gorgeous

Part of the #LikeAGirl campaign, the Beauty United crew got this box of goodies in June. Unfortunately I didn’t get my posts up in time for the giveaway, but I still wanted to share.

What does it mean to be “like a girl”. I didn’t get it too often, but where I did get it a lot was when I was told to sit like a girl. Used to drive me nuts. One of the reasons I hated wearing skirts, as wearing them associated me with being a girl.

Another thing that used to get me…was why can’t you be pretty like a girl. Why oh WHY did people have to say that? I didn’t have girly hair, or wear a lot of makeup in my youth. But so what…right? We shouldn’t box in anyone due to what is this weird perception. In any case, of course now I just love shopping for the perfect MLBB lipsticks, or a great full coverage foundation for oily skin…

Which brings us to the topic today…

Ready Set Gorgeous
CoverGirl’s Ready Set Gorgeous!

Ready Set Gorgeous
Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation, available in 12 shades, comes in a small and neat tube.

The built-in powder system fights against shine, pulling oil and sweat AWAY from your face instead of trapping them under your foundation. Pair with the entire instaGLAM collection for a glam look on the go.

Ready Set GorgeousReady Set Gorgeous
Now that was an interesting read, that it was to pull oil away from the skin! That was what intrigued me when I first received it. I liked that it provides medium coverage, but I can’t say that it is terribly long lasting. On my oily skin, it did okay, but spottage in the t zone was apparent after 4 hours. Not a huge difference, but you could definitely tell as any redness in the area was rather visible.

Ready Set Gorgeous
Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer is available in 6 different shades.

Get insta-gorgeous with Ready Set Gorgeous! The oil-free concealer helps cover up imperfections and dark circles instantly. The lightweight formula blends easily for all day coverage.

The concealer, though not in my favorite dispenser, was actually pretty nice. Easy to blend, not too difficult to work with. For myself, it helped to blur the edges of any discolouring from under eye circles and such. Again, medium coverage, as it didn’t completely erase them.
Ready Set Gorgeous
(Let’s try and ignore the fact that I was doing the pictures for this post VERY late, and thus my eyes had suffered by then T___T It didn’t occur to me at all. I just wanted to try and get the pictures churned out!)
Left has concealer, right doesn’t. You can see that it lessens the look of the darkness, but doesn’t eliminate it.

Ready Set Gorgeous
Concealer on the left, and the foundation on the right. Swatched, and then blended right beside it. Pretty close match on my arm, but much lighter on the face. However, the slight oxidation on my skin corrects that.

Anyway, when they go on sake, you can probably pick then up pretty cheap. There are also coupons that are available, while helps out in price. There is also a compact version which I haven’t tried, but assume very similar. In any case, it might not be a product I’d use in the summer, but I actually have high hopes for it for the fall/cooler weather. Let’s hope I’m right cause I’m back to using it with the cooler weather we’ve been having :)
Ready Set Gorgeous

Halloween :)

So Dear Readers…
What have your children, your partner, your roomate, your friend etc dress up for this Halloween?

Personally I think dressing up is fun…but I’d rather someone dress me up and do my face rather than having to do it on my own…haha…

Anyway just for the sake of Halloween, I thought I would try a dark lip…VERY dark lip.


I used the Annabelle Khol Eyeliner pencil in Black (~$6CAN). I picked this up as part of a duo, that was packaged with the Le Big Show mascara.

I’m assuming that what is eye safe is pretty mouth safe, but do not take my word for it. Please exercise precaution.

In any case, the black lip was a little flat on its own, so I dabbed the dark purple that is found in the Annabelle Quad Shadow in Pink-a-boo* that I received back in August. I dabbed it just to the middle inner bit of the lip…and like the effect~ Might have to try it out over a cream shadow.

A blurred picture to show you how pretty the shadow is :D

I also wanted to try out a few polishes that could be a potential Halloween NOTD. Let’s just say that it was a total fail! lol Sometimes that happens. What you conceive in your head, just doesn’t play out the right way you wanted it to.

That’s fine, you make do, or erase it and try again…and again…and again…lol

I was aiming to try out the water spotted method (drop polish in a container of water, and spritz something thing with alcohol in it, on to the polish to create the spots). The first time I was too close, and it broke apart the circle of polish…

It still looked interesting, but wasn’t what I wanted.

So I tried it again over China Glaze Mummy May I (a Halloween collection from a few years back)

Too dark, it didn’t show up.

Fine then…lets try the orange again…


haha, well I tried. I do like the green sheen that is seen in the Revlon Haunted House polish. On the plus side, at least I got more spots this time :P

In any case, what is more horrifying than a majorly failed polish excursion?? :P

Hope that you have fun tonight, and good luck snagging 50% candy tomorrow xD