Eating At: Billy Angel Gangnam


Though they have a few locations around Korea, I went to the Gangnam location with my friend after eating at the Ugly Stove.

The interior is pretty, and definitely fun for some photo ops. Also, the cakes are pretty nice. But hella expensive. I really enjoyed the red velvet. It wasn’t too dry, and wasn’t too thick. Perfect with my Americano.

The restroom situation is a bit unfortunate though. I was expecting it to be lovely, but apparently you have to leave and go outside. So, I skipped it as I was told by my friend it didn’t smell too pretty.


My Love…Daiso

Honestly I love Daiso Japan more than Korea, but seeing as I don’t live in Japan, and we don’t actually have any in Toronto, Daiso Korea is a blessing.

I am still able to get a lot of cute and useful things. However, when it comes to stationery/organization materials for work related things, I do like Daiso Japan a little more. In any case…Here are a few things that was a must for me. Meaning, I bought them as soon as I got here, since they were so useful to me before.

Washi Tape
~1,000won in single packs, double, triple, etc
They have a lot of cute varieties. For some, however, it isn’t as sticky and so the tape might curl up. So, if you are using it to decorate something for a long period of time, a little glue or double sided tape at both ends might be a good idea.

Paper Cutter
This was a great buy. It gets annoying to have to use an exacto and ruler for some things. So, just tossing paper in, and sliding the knife is nice. I wish they had refills for the knife though…but I’ve cut a lot and so far so good.

Laundry Clips
I bought this mainly because I saw a few people using them to hold their planners open for flat lays. Despite how they look, they are a little strong. So I do use them for laundry, holding my open snacks closed, and other misc things.

Suction Hooks
LOVE THESE. They aren’t too pretty, but even back in Canada I have them pretty much everywhere. They can hold what it says on the package(2.2kg? I forgot, but I can leave my backpack full on the hook and it’s fine). I use this at work on the board. I clip my notes together with binder clips, then I hang it on the hook. Helps when I don’t have a lot of organization areas.

Since I don’t like buying a lot of shelving here (since it’s a hassle to sell later when I leave), so this combination works well to hang various things. If the holes in a basket are large enough, I hand a basket on it too.


They have various magnetic clips as well, so I like using them on my doors in Korea, since they are all metal.

Resuable Straw Brush
Since I had a few tumblers with straws, this is nice to help give them a thorough clean.

So, Daiso is fun. This Korean collection was released for Hangeul Day (Korean Language Day) and Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving). I biked an hour just to get them lol. This is how fun it is for me.

Side notes:
They do have an online store, but it doesn’t connect with the points system they have.
On that note, they have a points system, but you can’t sign up unless you have a phone number that can be verified.
You can buy Daiso products through Gmarket as well, but they have different sellers on their website, not just Daiso. So, it could mean you would pay between 2000w-4000w per seller. So it is a bit of a pain.

Musical Friday w Akmu’s Dinosaur 

Akdong Musician – Dinosaur 

This week was Korean Thanksgiving. So, I had Tuesday until Sunday off. Unfortunately I caught something last Sunday evening…and still battling it now. Thought it was a throat infection, but there was no usual white spots I get, and so the doctor said it was just a cold. Not fun. The meds arent working their magic either. I only have two days left to get better, so Ive been listening to upbeat mysic and dancing to tire myself out so I can keep sleep lol. 

Hope you all have a lovely Friday :D 

Musical Friday Yeah Yeah…

Willy Moon – Yeah Yeah

Ah…finally the weekend. I have an early work day on Monday, then Im off for 6 days. So, if you wanna visit Korea and have a free translator, now would be the time!!! lol who am I kidding, Id be a poor translator. However, Ill be good company xD 

I really wanted to go to Japan for a few days but oh no. No, my back is not up for that at all. Which is fine. I have my shows ready, and got almost all the food I need. 

Staycation, Im kinda ready for you xD 

Soon baby soon…

Musical Friday – Trouble Maker

Trouble Maker – Trouble Maker

Im not a huge fan of the entire song. Actually only like the whistling bits…

The week was a long one, and Im just excited to be horizontal all weekend. My back is still not fully cooperating, so weekends are rest and recovery days for me. 

I still really want to go home for the first week of October. Problem is that flights back are nuts. Some over 2k pushing 3k for some. Sigh. If I could find a $1200 flight Id come home for 4 days and be happy. But then again, maybe I wont want to return if I go home? 

Kakao Friends – Ryan Tmoney


This is Ryan.


Why am I introducing Ryan? Well for the mere fact that HE IS THE COOLEST LION EVER!!!! 

(Lion…Ryan…get it? You can read morr of his story HERE)

In any case, if that’s Ryan…what’s T-money? Basically it is one of the multi-use cards in Korea. 

Originally fearured as a card, once you load it with cash (done at convenience stores or at the subwat stations), you may use it to pay for taxis, food at convenience stores, or use it for public transportation payment. Basically if it says T-money, you can use the card. It’s what we know as Presto back home in Canada, but far cooler. 

I just remembered but I also used it to pay for my storage locker at Hongdae station. I wanted to play all night, but had a lot of stuff with me. I tossed everything into a locker and went off to play. When I was done, I came back to retrieve my stuff, and paid with the T-money card. 

Anyway, this Ryan figure…is T-money. 

Yes, this ultra cute, why-doesnt-toronto-have-this-awesome thing is my new T-money card.

It comes w a neckstrap, and a small hook to attach it to your bag or keychain. Just like the card, you can load it withmoney. Then, you can use it anyway. ANYWHERE!

It did cost me a bit. Just a little over $10CND. But its so damn cute, and worth every bit of that money xD 

I picked mine up at CU (one of the convenience store chains here in Korea) which is why this is a CU membership point collaborated T-money Ryan. However, you can get them at GS25, 711, or directly from the Kakao Friends stores (online HERE) if you want one that is not collaborated with the convenience store chains. They have Apeach as well, but I love Ryan the best. 

Do you have Prestco card? Would you be more inclined to get one if it was super cute like this?