Musical Friday – Trouble Maker

Trouble Maker – Trouble Maker

Im not a huge fan of the entire song. Actually only like the whistling bits…

The week was a long one, and Im just excited to be horizontal all weekend. My back is still not fully cooperating, so weekends are rest and recovery days for me. 

I still really want to go home for the first week of October. Problem is that flights back are nuts. Some over 2k pushing 3k for some. Sigh. If I could find a $1200 flight Id come home for 4 days and be happy. But then again, maybe I wont want to return if I go home? 


Kakao Friends – Ryan Tmoney


This is Ryan.


Why am I introducing Ryan? Well for the mere fact that HE IS THE COOLEST LION EVER!!!! 

(Lion…Ryan…get it? You can read morr of his story HERE)

In any case, if that’s Ryan…what’s T-money? Basically it is one of the multi-use cards in Korea. 

Originally fearured as a card, once you load it with cash (done at convenience stores or at the subwat stations), you may use it to pay for taxis, food at convenience stores, or use it for public transportation payment. Basically if it says T-money, you can use the card. It’s what we know as Presto back home in Canada, but far cooler. 

I just remembered but I also used it to pay for my storage locker at Hongdae station. I wanted to play all night, but had a lot of stuff with me. I tossed everything into a locker and went off to play. When I was done, I came back to retrieve my stuff, and paid with the T-money card. 

Anyway, this Ryan figure…is T-money. 

Yes, this ultra cute, why-doesnt-toronto-have-this-awesome thing is my new T-money card.

It comes w a neckstrap, and a small hook to attach it to your bag or keychain. Just like the card, you can load it withmoney. Then, you can use it anyway. ANYWHERE!

It did cost me a bit. Just a little over $10CND. But its so damn cute, and worth every bit of that money xD 

I picked mine up at CU (one of the convenience store chains here in Korea) which is why this is a CU membership point collaborated T-money Ryan. However, you can get them at GS25, 711, or directly from the Kakao Friends stores (online HERE) if you want one that is not collaborated with the convenience store chains. They have Apeach as well, but I love Ryan the best. 

Do you have Prestco card? Would you be more inclined to get one if it was super cute like this? 

Dont Have a Cow, (Wo)Man

That is what I thought when I first saw this on the Face Shop website [Korea] I knew that despite the fact I had wanted to place an order for the Jeju Volcanoc Lava Peel Off Clay Nose Mask, I had to get these, too!

Bart is just the regular Jeju Nose Strips repackaged to fit the collection. But, I couldnt help myself. You can see the rest of the stuff HERE

Anyway, my main purpose was the Jeju Volcanoc Lava Peel Off Clay Nose Mask [Korea] [Canada] since they were on sale for just under $3 CAN. 

I have been using them for their older versions since 2012? I had picked them up when I went to Korea at the end of 2010. Then once I started running out, I got friends to help me. They actually revamped it to the Blue version, but the Jeju is the latest reincarnation of the peel. 

The blue one is the previous version, whereas the brown one is the current. 

Tried this one out to see if it was any different, but got to say it is the same thing I do love using. 

Now full background. My pores have always been on the large side. Genetics, as moms are a little big too. In addition, the air in Korea is messing with them, meaning they get VERY congested. So, the reason why I like the peel off mask is that I can apply anywhere I need the help. 

Here is my current process. I prep a week in advance. Now I dont know skincare enough. I just know little bits here and there, and try to make sense of it myself. But, I use the AHA to loosen the top layer, and BHA to loosen the inner. Then slap on the mask where needed, and bam. I follow up with the BHA, and then a nice massage with my evening creams. I know that there are those who are against them, but these work for my process which is why I love using them. 

I do have an after shot to show, but cant figure out on the iPhone how to make it smaller. So, Ill need to add it later. 

Now, I know the instructions say 10-15 minutes, but I keep it on until it feels bumpy/rough. You should be careful when peeling. If you feel you are in pain or whatnot, apply a bit of water to loosen the pack, and peel carefully. 

Do you use the strips? Or have you tried the liquid versions like the Jeju Volcanic?

My first official day was yesterday (Monday here is 13 hours ahead remember:)) <- I actually dont know how to deal with that, but apply what I learned in math/doesnt matter lol

It was nuts cause I ran late for checkin while setting up my phone. Need to ensure Im not ever again or boss will kill me (not really…just heavy scolding)

Last Week on Instagram…

If you missed it, Im back in Korea. This also means Ill be able to post interesting stuff again, and more frequently. Or so I hope.

Im still quite jetlagged but I knew this would last awhile.

So far, things are good. Ive gad one coworker who is so chill and has taken ut as part of her mission to make me feel absolutely at ease. Ive been super thankful for her help, and sad that shes leaving at the end of the term.