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Here’s hoping that my pictures show up properly. Instagram linking wasn’t too friendly last week…

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(This was a latergram…)
So, since I have early meetings on Tuesday and Thursdays, it meant that I get to have a late lunch with some of my co-workers. This was suggested by one, as the fish soup was her favourite. I’m not usually a solid fan of it, but I have to say…for only 7,000won, it was delicious!

Late last week, one of my co-workers made us homemade Mac&Cheese!! It was DELICIOUS. Made with cheddar and Jack Pepper cheese. She also added a Mexican spice for an added kick. Just…Just…I have no words. I felt so bad asking for more, as we needed to save some for another co-workers Fiance. But dang…so yummy it deserved its own picture :)

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I was in Namdaemun to buy Hot Cheetos with K. You know, I had NEVER heard of them…Canada doesn’t get them. But hot dang…I wish we did. They are 5000won a bag here, and in a way, worth it. The flavour is unique. The taste really grows on you. In any case, yummy. The picture is of some of the street food while passing through. This is…Uhmuk? Kind of like a fish cake thing…I think?

I FINALLY got my hair cut. There is no Juno Hair close to me. Luckily, I was able to go to Edae (Ehwa Women’s University area), and visit Juno Hair location #2. Brief review, I like the atmosphere at Location #2, but I liked the head massage and the ladies at Location #3 more. I was waiting for a friend to get her hair treatment done, and was asked if I wanted a drink. They delivered the drink on the tray, with flowers, and mini chocolate muffins xD

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We had dinner. I love the way they have the egg ring around the meat. YUMMY! xD It was a good Korean BBQ Meal. I forgot the name, but this is a franchise.

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We then went for dessert. Roamed the streets of Shinchon…and ended up at Patbingsu place. I got the milk one, and my friend got the nut one. So yummy xD It was a good day for food lol

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We then went to Hongdae to play. I’m much older than her, but we ended up at a club. We wanted to dance, and we did. But DANG…I felt like I lost 5 years of my life, seeing as these kids smoke like there’s no such thing as cancer -___- But it was fun for the most part :) I loved that I could wear my sneakers, and I still wasn’t the most under-dressed person there lol

I then went to the Siloam Sauna and Spa at Seoul Station. I was pretty tired, but the subways were closed, and I needed a break. I only went for the sauna part, since I really did want to get home asap (I was seriously sleep deprived. I can’t party like I used to OTL). But, I had such a great time. Great water massage, and then just a real ‘tub’ to soak in…was good. I would seriously suggest you go to a Jimjilbang, and do the whole naked sauna thing. I would never go with a friend or even a family member. However, when you don’t know the people, it is far easier to do :P

Later on Sunday, I met up with K, and we went to Bupyeong Market to check out. We ended up at Fruili Venezia, where I had pasta. Very good! They also had a deal where you buy two pasta’s, you get a pizza free. Unfortunately, the pizza was sweet, since it was made with BBQ sauce…not tomato. I’d go for the pasta again, but it is expensive without the pizza freebie.

In any case, yummy food pictures are always welcome…right?? :)

Last week on Instagram…

Last week on Instagram…

I had this huge love for Pucca and Garu back in high school. Loved it so much, one of my close friends at the time gave me this pucca pencil set. I still have the mechanical pencil a decade later. I was always paranoid that I would lose it, but still carried it around in my pencil case :P

In any case, I’ve been loving the promotion of Pucca. I’m not sure why she is being promoted though…

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My Coworker K said that these burgers were great. So we made our way over after work one day. I must say, that the friendly attitudes of the workers, and the super yummy cheesy food…I was SUPER happy with my meal. Yes, it is a tad expensive for what we think should be cheaper. But I had no regrets. NONE. I wanna go back now :P

I FINALLY got to start my Alien Registration Card! If Canadians wish to stay longer than the 90 day period, you need to get one. This also allows me to open up a bank account (used to be that you could temporarily open with your passport, but the two places we went to said they don’t do that), I can sign a contract for my phone and internet…I cannot wait! It was also pretty quick. We took the public transit, and I left and was back in my area within 2 hours. We got there in the morning, so that was also REALLY helpful.

#friedchicken oh how well it's done here…#korea #bupyeong #incheon #goodeats

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Is there anything more that needs to be said?
I had this nutritionist friend awhile back, and she used to say how technically fried things weren’t as bad as we make it seem. The reason they were, was because the oils are not heated high enough, thus does not drain off the food. So when you eat the food, all that oil that has been trapped is consumed. I’m not healthy, or think about oils…but the fried stuff here…is just awesome. It isn’t oily. Perfectly crispy. The only oils are from the chicken itself, if you even find any. It is almost as if it has evaporated during the frying process. So all that is left is the delicious, moist chicken…

I might be drooling while typing this LOL

Last week on Instagram…

Last week on Instagram…

Oops, almost forgot to schedule this!

Did you know that Cadbury has apparently changed their Creme Egg packaging?? I mean, too often I would look into the container, and see eggs without their foils. In that case this is a great move for them. But…it just isn’t the same! Having to carefully peel the foil in the event that the creme seeped out and adhered itself to the foil…haha

I have always wanted to buy a lovely “In your face” statement piece. This isn’t as wild as some that I have seen, but it is just lovely for me. I picked this up from Banana Republic online. It was 50% off the sale price, and additional 25% off for a new purchase code (sign up for their email and they email you a special code). Ebates Canada was also having 7% on purchases. Seriously, I have spent too much in the past month on Gap Corp purchases. But I happen to love the things I have picked up. Helps that they were nearly Old Navy prices :P

First celebration. I turned another year older last week, and got to celebrate with people I have known for exactly half my life. I cannot handle any alcohol, and my friends are worried for me, since Korea is all about drinking haha. It’s okay. There will be other lovely yummy things to eat and drink that aren’t alcohol. (Dufflet Raspberry Lemon Cake. They know how much I love my Dufflet). On a side note, my friends picked up a candle that sings :P

I met with other friends who I have known for exactly half my life at Piggy’s (Thornhill, Glen Cameron Rd). It was my first time. LEAVE YOUR COAT IN THE CAR!!! My hair STUNK so badly after lol. But DAMN did we have a fun time laughing. <3

In any case, I still have some more food dates left this week. It isn’t that I mean to be selfish, but in the last few years, birthday’s last a week. It is just a little hard to gather everyone with all our different schedules. I don’t mind…makes me feel more special :P

Last week on Instagram…

Last week on Instagram…

Hello Folks!

It has been two weeks since my last Instagram update. I was battling cold…flu…then throat & sinus infection. Yeah…let’s just say that being stressed over the holidays did not help me out one little bit.

Still, things are looking up, and some things are finally falling into place for me. Well, in terms of some of the plans I had for 2015. I’ll talk more soon, just need to hash out a few more details.

I was chatting with friends the other day, how all the readings we got during out years in undergrad, RUINED recreational reading for us. I mean, I used to be a HUGE reader. Nowadays…not so much. I popped by the library with my friend J, and felt compelled to pick up Philosophy related things. Driving with Plato was one my friend noticed, so…checking that one out.

I usually don’t cut and drag out the last bits of life from a product. Well, not usually face wash. The thing is, I really wanted to stretch this out for another two weeks…so I figured I would cut it up. Glad I did, cause there is enough for the two weeks for sure…maybe a tad longer…

Nothing too spectacular in terms of sharing on Instagram last week, but hopefully this week I will have something? Who knows…by the time I remember to edit and post…a few days have usually gone by :P

Anyway, hope you have a lovely Monday, and stay warm!

Last week on Instagram…

Last week on Instagram…

had a few issues like week, and I finally acquired the cold that has been going around. Skipped out on NYE celebration at a friend’s house. Then spent the new year with creating this 2 minute video for something…which only made my body feel worse lol

In any case, currently battling a throat infection! Woo!

Seriously, next year I vow to ensure I am not sick for NYE and the first week of the new year!

I had to get some documents done, so I had to meet with someone. The Starbucks location was a first for me, and it was really pretty.

I was browsing SDM since I hadn’t in ages, and came across this mini size of their eye makeup remover!! Isn’t it just the CUTEST size? I love mini’s

It was pretty cold Friday night, and I went out to eat with a few of my highschool friends…Food was awesome…but I got a bit sicker on Saturday. As such…I spent the day in bed. Which wasn’t horrible…but at least it let me get sleep, something I couldn’t do at night because of my coughs

Later that evening I got out of bed to eat for the first time of the day. Nothing fancy…

So, a boring week, considering I spent most of it sick. I’m still battling symptoms. I told the doc I needed stronger antibiotics as my body doesn’t respond to the weaker ones anymore (several cases of ear infections, and throat infections means my body does not care for the weaker stuff). He didn’t really listen…so I may have to go back to get stronger ones…I should be seeing weaker symptoms, but it only seems to be getting worse. Let’s hope I am wrong though…

Have a great Monday folks. Hope that your commute wasn’t too bad, considering the kiddie’s are back to work

Last week on Instagram…

Last week on Instagram…

…and the last post for this year!

Fat Bastard Burrito, at Jane Station, Toronto. This place was under “construction” for over a year! I was trying to show patience…eventually got to try it. Staff was relatively nice, which made the meal yummier

One of the things, aside from being thankful for this time to remember the blessing that Christ was born, is to be thankful for the precious people around us. The ones who support us in both the great times and the bad. Even you, who are reading this, have been important to my journey in this last year. So thank you so much.

I had to redeem my Starbucks reward. Normally I would let it expire, but luckily there was a store that opened up relatively near me. I don’t have to drive 15+ minutes to the nearest location any more…its more like less than 5! Woo! Also, there is my new Kate Spade wallet that was a gift from my dear friend A. Love it. Has SOOOO many pockets :D

So many movie tickets! I’m dumping out old notes (I still had Psyc notes…from when I was attempting a Major in it), and remembered a talk about movie stubs with a friend. I was looking to see if I had the Titanic ones, but it seems the earliest is 1997 for me. I also don’t have a lot…as I keep forgetting to put them in the box >_<

I've been craving nachos. These are from Montana's on The Queensways. I'm not a fan of the place…this time was no exception. Guess it was because of the holiday's? But they seemed slightly understaffed, and just, not enough care for the patrons. Normal circumstances I would have created a big fuss, but with the holidays, stress is higher for everyone. That leads to residual issues. So I opted to keep quiet, to the amazement of my company lol But, the nachos were good, though they were cold when delivered.

AHHHHHHH!!!! 90's Kpop. The thing is, I probably haven't listened to kpop as much as I did back then. Maybe it is because I am getting older, but the new stuff does not appeal to me in any way. Well, not usually at least. In any case, this series of three episodes has been awesome so far. The last one is next week, and I cannot wait :P

Hope that you have all being doing well, and eating LOTS during this break :)

Last week on Instagram…

Last week on Instagram…

Ooops! I almost forgot about this today :P

Anyway, this is apparently the 81st post of this type…how time flies.

There was a fun giveaway last week (already ended), but I got to share some stuff in the Christmas spirit…
Oh, that Silly Cow Farms Hot Chocolate is AWESOME. So rich…so decadent…definitely not the same using water though, so ensure you have milk! Thank S for that

Playing with food…
An Unni friend of mine didn’t know this account was mine. When I told her…she said it all made sense lol…all the posts are very me

My fuzzy pj bottoms are still alive! Got them in Korea back in 2010.

Winter Essentials. The most important thing, with the colder weather, is to keep that skin hydrated. Not fun having cracked hands or lips. Then the increase static from hats…so using a cleansing conditioner by #herbalessences is helpful. Vanity wise, I like having my hair color evened out, and a tad darker. This will dry out hair a bit, so extra care is necessary. But there are formulas with oils that help to decrease dryness. Check out #clairol for that. Lastly, we have #covergirl. This quad is lovely because you can use the lightest colour as a highlighter for the face. That extra glow makes you look more angelic, especially when you don't expect to be on Santa's good list lol :p Anyway, a winner has been selected. But I do have two very small runner up prizes for Brenda P, and @sweetmumbox :) Thanks for entering everyone! And thanks to #PG and BU for this giveaway :D #beautyunited #12daysofbeauty #photochallenge

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I have to do my post for this shadow quad by CoverGirl. I am actually really liking it. Reminds me of the M brand kind…but better for me.

My friends and I had our monthly dinner at Pero Restaurant. It is between Christie Station and Ossington Station, on the North side of bloor. Got to say that despite the fact that it got REALLY messy, it was pretty yummy. After we were done eating with our hands, we were given these bowls of hot water to rinse our digits.

The injera was a little pricey (since I am used to the price of Naans, which give you a lot), but the food was great. We totally destroyed the dish XD

I had to make a trip downtown to return something, and ended up buying the SUPERCUP BBT at Chatime, near the Bata Shoe Museum. For $6CAN, this was TOTALLY worth the walk there. I did get some odd stares on the TTC Subway ride home…but it was worth the yummy :P

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