Musical Friday – Who I Am

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays everyone :)

NIve – Who I Am

Lyrics are available in the description of the video. Love when they do that xD

Anyway, I had heard this somewhere, but it was so noisy that Shazzam let me down. Normally I would try and hear some part of the lyrics so I can search for it manually. But…I didn’t know where that went either lol. So, I was glad that I accidentally came across it while looking for something else.

I have a friend, who had mentioned something along these lines. The receiving end did not like that. They were offended that my friend thought they were perfect, and thus not working towards self improvement. Not at all what they meant, but you can’t really change what people end of thinking.

Whether it is in my personal or professional life, I know that there is more to do. But, as of the moment, I am who I am. So, if you can’t accept that…meh.

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