Musical Friday – Trying My Best

Anson Seabra – Trying My Best 


Everyone is going through something. We’re all just trying out best.

I had seen the thumbnail with the first sentence picture.

It really poked at me. There is an understanding on our part to try and get the other party. The thing is, it is made harder by the fact that we don’t always share things that are deeper/closer to our hearts and inner self.

Relationships are that. A two way street.
Both trying to understand. Both sharing a little so that the other part can hopefully be empathetic about your struggles. Both is the key word here…as I find the relationships that I’ve kept, and the ones that I have let go have that in common. Too often I was the only one sharing…which made the whole thing quite superficial.

But, there are times when there is no need to understand the party to do the basic thing you can do as a friend; to be there for them physically in their times of need. That, is where I have decided to draw my lines.

It has been several years now, but I was attacked while coming home. I cannot explain how I felt, but due to several factors (aside from the obvious) I felt unsafe. I felt lost. This was a defining moment to see who could essentially show me what I was worth to them. And, it was pretty interesting. Though I use that word loosely.

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