Musical Friday – Glad I Tried

Matt and Kim – Glad I tried

In the last few years, I have had a lot of time to think about stuff. A lot has changed. This means, that I also had to create some changes to move forward. For some of the changes, they were ones I should have made a decade ago, others were ones I should have made 4 years back. Basically, I knew I needed to but didn’t as I didn’t want to put the effort I had put into it, go to waste.

The thing is, sometimes it isn’t a waste. Thanks to those experiences, I know more. I know what it is that I need or want. I know when and how best to support and be supported. I know that despite being afraid of rejection (as most people are), to go and try anyway. Yes I might be heavily embarrassed, but I won’t die.

So, I’m glad I tried

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