Musical Friday – Love Shot

EXO – Love Shot

One of the members, Kai, was in a drama that I loosely followed. He acted quite well, and his scenes were fun.

I came across the video as one of my old students said that the new MV was awesome.

Um…Kai…if only you were 10 years older…LOL. (Yes, yes…the reports are he is dating. I’m just speaking on the sense of crushing on celebrities in general)

(If you don’t know which one Kai is, he is the one in the red. The one with the shiny chest. Honestly, did they shimmer him or oil him?)

2 thoughts on “Musical Friday – Love Shot”

  1. Obviously they would have rubbed pretty amount of oil on his chest, but anyway, his body is amazing to begin with.
    I got into him lately, shortly after the dating thing, and gotta admit, this guy is just smth special.

    1. Haha yeah. I guess I was wondering which one they went for as oil under bright lights and extreme movement isnt really a good idea/potentially dangerous. But they got their visual point across for sure!!

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