Musical Friday Kiss Me Like That

Shinhwa – Kiss Me Like That




Okay, so Ive always been interested more in Hyesung and Junjins voices. But this music video was just…lovely.

I guess as I get older I like brighter things. I mean I even have pale yellow pants. PALE YELLOW!! In what world would I get a pair?! In the world where I cannot be Young forever. lol okay but seriously I bought them cause they were $10 on clearance from Uniqlo. I cant pass off good Uniqlo deals. I just wish Uniqlo Canada was a bit better. At least with their sales. Okay now Uniqlo has hijacked my post…

Well folks…Ill be leaving Toronto temporarily again I’n going to school again so I’m temporarily changing provinces. Yes, that’s right. Provinces. Am I scared? Yeah…a little bit. Am I excited? Yeah…a little bit. Honestly I just hope things work out. It was quite an ordeal trying to find a place. I couldn’t get what I wanted, so I am a little paranoid. But I hope that things will be fine. If you ate on Twitter and you see my frantic SOS tweets…something with housing has gone horribly wrong. But Im really hoping I did my background information right, and Im being paranoid cause thats how Ive been since I got back from Korea.

Fingers crossed :)


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