My Love…Daiso

Honestly I love Daiso Japan more than Korea, but seeing as I don’t live in Japan, and we don’t actually have any in Toronto, Daiso Korea is a blessing.

I am still able to get a lot of cute and useful things. However, when it comes to stationery/organization materials for work related things, I do like Daiso Japan a little more. In any case…Here are a few things that was a must for me. Meaning, I bought them as soon as I got here, since they were so useful to me before.

Washi Tape
~1,000won in single packs, double, triple, etc
They have a lot of cute varieties. For some, however, it isn’t as sticky and so the tape might curl up. So, if you are using it to decorate something for a long period of time, a little glue or double sided tape at both ends might be a good idea.

Paper Cutter
This was a great buy. It gets annoying to have to use an exacto and ruler for some things. So, just tossing paper in, and sliding the knife is nice. I wish they had refills for the knife though…but I’ve cut a lot and so far so good.

Laundry Clips
I bought this mainly because I saw a few people using them to hold their planners open for flat lays. Despite how they look, they are a little strong. So I do use them for laundry, holding my open snacks closed, and other misc things.

Suction Hooks
LOVE THESE. They aren’t too pretty, but even back in Canada I have them pretty much everywhere. They can hold what it says on the package(2.2kg? I forgot, but I can leave my backpack full on the hook and it’s fine). I use this at work on the board. I clip my notes together with binder clips, then I hang it on the hook. Helps when I don’t have a lot of organization areas.

Since I don’t like buying a lot of shelving here (since it’s a hassle to sell later when I leave), so this combination works well to hang various things. If the holes in a basket are large enough, I hand a basket on it too.


They have various magnetic clips as well, so I like using them on my doors in Korea, since they are all metal.

Resuable Straw Brush
Since I had a few tumblers with straws, this is nice to help give them a thorough clean.

So, Daiso is fun. This Korean collection was released for Hangeul Day (Korean Language Day) and Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving). I biked an hour just to get them lol. This is how fun it is for me.

Side notes:
They do have an online store, but it doesn’t connect with the points system they have.
On that note, they have a points system, but you can’t sign up unless you have a phone number that can be verified.
You can buy Daiso products through Gmarket as well, but they have different sellers on their website, not just Daiso. So, it could mean you would pay between 2000w-4000w per seller. So it is a bit of a pain.


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