Apparently it’s National Lipstick Day?

Honestly I dislike the random National-whatevers. But, it gets me posting randomness on the blog. Maybe I should continue it and keep posting on national-whatever days…

In any case, if youve been with me awhile, you will know I love collecting lipstick.  However, I feel awkward wearing them. 


Basically I was too insecure out the fact that my lips are different. It causes me to have a lopsided smile as well, but thats another story. 

Anyway, that has changed since I started blogging (fun fact: thr blog turned 10 at the brginning of this month. Craziness…). 

Also kinds all ages under the sun are colouring their lips here. So, it feels more awkward that I dont have anything on!! LOL

My go to recently has been to first tint my lips w a pinkish base, then wear NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien. I think this was part of a Birthday Set? Anyway I do like the colour. Not too in your face, but not too MLBB. 

To end on a more important note…did you get your free Mac lipstick?! Haha I was so jelly that it was available for Canadians as well. If i were home, Id have been there for sure!

Well, Im about to head out for the day. Hope that you all have a great weekend :)


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