Musical Friday – Fairytale

Rosendale – Fairytale

I cannot remember where I heard this. Im going to assume Hongdae. In any case just loved how smooth it was! 

Anyway currently prepping for an open class. Didnt know my workplace did things like this. I might freak out tomorrow cause my weekend is packed. Honestly so much to do to get ready for the next semester. Too much. Also have to meet teo new teachers. Please hope they are great. I need my team to level out a bit. So, really hoping that they do. Fingers crossed. 


4 thoughts on “Musical Friday – Fairytale

    • Sorry I only saw this now…but I did rock it~! parents were happy so it went well. But, unfortunately not all the kids got signed up since they were just beginners of learning English. Anyway, hopefully I do well next time as well^^

  1. Just stumbled across this – thank you so so much for sharing my song on your blog <3 Hoping that you're having an awesome week!

    • Wahhhh xD lol thanks for ur comment! Honestly still playing the song. Really calms me down when I have to mark so much of my students work!

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