Last week on Instagram…

So Im not doing too well. 

It appears I having horrible luck finding decent coworkers. Its getting difficult as they think they know the ropes…and ask each other rather than using the proper resources (meaning mean as I am the team leader). Makes me think the new termI learned   about us foreigners in Korea, to be true about them. That is worrisome. 

In about a months time, I will add two more to the team, as my friend and another rather chill coworker will be leaving. Its hard as both have had a long term experience in Korea. So, they are part of the wave that had certain values that were closer to my own. My friend tolerates the issues better than I do, mostly because she is leaving. The talks we have are funny. To think we have only known each other for two months is amusing at times. It feels much longer with everything we have discussed. Time is funny that way. 

Honestly, knowing one of the bigger problems left my old work places, makes me wish a bit that I knew they had been hiring around the time I was looking, sucked it up, and asked for a job there. 

I know its mostly misery that makes me say this, cant be what I truly feel…right?



2 thoughts on “Last week on Instagram…

  1. legs for days ow ow! don’t yell at me. I feel like at least you’re in a position of more authority than the other coworkers. of course it is difficult to surround your workplace with competent employees – jimmy choo’s son once wrote a blog post about that back when he blogged. the best ones are sometimes absolute assholes because they know they won’t get fired and the nice people sometimes don’t produce such great work. he runs a robotic doll company of roughly 35-40 people i think and balancing out his staff frustrates him to no end.

    you stream videos on the same computer that you use to do work? you have cojones muh dear. i used an old thinkpad from the basement, tossed out the old hard drive for a new empty one to make sure i had no leftover personal info, bought windows using a student discount for $35 and registered it with the name “john smith” before going to any of those sites. no usb stick ever goes from that computer to my work one.


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