Finding a way to de-stress…

Finding a way to De-stress
Finding a way to De-stress

Lately, I’ve been having a rather…interesting time.

I turned a year older, and was met with a few disappointments, let downs, and just overall crap. Honestly, it has been hard. I think what made it even harder, was the fact that…just because I am older, it doesn’t always get better. Well, just not yet for me. So, I do have a few hurdles that I have to get over, even at my age. I guess, it gets harder, since I know some of the stuff is being talked down upon by people who I should be close to.

So, I have been finding ways to try and chill.

I probably shouldn’t be chilling…but I need the mini breaks.

I see alot of people on Instagram decorating lovely envelopes for their snail mail penpals. I figured it was a way that I could use my washi tape, and play around. On that note, the washi tape that I am using are generally from Daiso, and has a plastic film. This makes them rise, so I need to glue them down.

Finding a way to De-stress
Finding a way to De-stress
Finding a way to De-stress
Finding a way to De-stress
I also learned from an Instagrammer, that I could use Deco Rush and create mini stickers by rolling them on labels. Unfortunately, I don’t have mini labels, but I was able to use the name stickers I got from Daiso. The same stickers are usually used for labelling your own things.

I had made a mistake for one of the stickers, so I added other stickers to create a super strong sticker. Okay…even I am getting bored at reading this…lol


3 thoughts on “Finding a way to de-stress…

  1. Sorry to hear you are battling life hurdles but yes, we all have to do it, no matter what age. Hang in there, and yes, find ways to detress that work for you

  2. I’m sorry to hear that your goals havent been met yet. I will make a mention in my prayers. Well if there’s anything I can do let me know.

    Finding ways to chill.. mini breaks.. for me i turned to english language tv shows. I have watched every popular thing known to mankind. If you want recommendations, ask me~

    those stickers look like band aids =D

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