Musical Friday Bawling

Primary/프라이머리 & OhHyuk/오혁 

Oh yes…
Something I did felt like doing a few weeks back.

And with this…
Today marked the end of my teaching obligations in Korea (I am a floating entity at work next week, so I don’t consider it “work”). I broke my contract two months early…sacrificing a lot of money. However, I had to think about my own self, which is more important than money. Well, I’m lucky that I can act on my own self, without having to worry about the money.

Keep me in your thoughts as I wind down the last few weeks in this part of the world :)

I need it, since the last week of teaching didn’t go as well as I had thought…it was…anticlimactic…which is something I haven’t experienced while working with young people in over a decade. Just shows how much I need to go back home…


2 thoughts on “Musical Friday Bawling”

  1. just a sign from above that this is the “destined” direction. i don’t like it either, ive often disagreed with how things go down in my life. whatever.

    i will keep you in my thoughts. as always.

    1. Thanks K :)
      Trying to trust that things will work out. But so many unknowns right not…and not liking the feeling at my age. Anyway thanks for keeping me in your prayer and thoughts :)

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