Musical Friday with Back 2 U

Steve Aoki & Boehm – Back 2 U feat. Walk The Moon

Been so busy!
I am back home (YAY!). But been crazy jetlagged, and busy prepping for my dear HJ’s bridal shower. I’m hosting…so…lots of pressure, even though it is a laid back, low key event.

Anyway, songs like this need to keep me moving. So, I’m glad its playing. Even at 3:30am, when I am cleaning. Yes, I am currently cleaning. A nightmare…My scheduled plan was to be done Thursday evening, but my jetlag would not permit it. Let’s hope the event goes well :)


2 thoughts on “Musical Friday with Back 2 U

  1. i thought this was the s club 7 song when i read your twitter. “don’t stop never give up something something rachel’s hot bring it all back 2 u”

    • …I laughed reading this xD My brther was obsessed with Sclub back in the days. I never really got into it…though one song was SUPER catchy even for me.

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