Musical Friday – Just Breathe

Don Brownrigg – Just Breathe

Preparing for the end of my day.
Today should mark the last day of teaching for me. I’m probably scrambling to clean my room for the next teacher, should I not have changed my mind to stay in Korea (I am currently typing this May 14th, 2016).

I ended up staying. Many things happened, and in a way I had no choice.
Luckily I get to go home for a bit, for my dear friend’s wedding. That should hold me over until February. I hope.

This sounded like something that would fit the day.

Just Breathe.

I can do this.

I’m pretty sure this is the hormones talking (monthly), but I don’t know if I can do it.

I think what I find difficult about teaching in Korea, is that the older kids don’t understand sincerity. Of course, one shouldn’t be recognized for it as well. But, it just hit me harder today. They will forget once the new teacher comes. They won’t really remember the things you sacrificed for them, nor the things that you did for them. I think it was hard for me, since I remembered the time and effort the teachers in my past made towards me. They were part of the reason why I believed that the path was right.

In any case, I had to pay out of pocket for the end of semester for classes that were not my own…and I didn’t even get a proper thank you. That hurt.

Not to mention, that these last few weeks have taught me that since my time was divided between two divisions, I ended up missing out on a lot. I learned that teachers were not following protocol, that they were letting little things slide. They allowed the use of technology which wasn’t supposed to be allowed. They basically broke a lot of rules…

Then I realized, the ones I could rely on…were now all gone. Today, another one of the teachers ended her contract. She flies home together. I am in charge of all these people…but now I don’t have the support I need. This was depressing for me. It didn’t help that when I brought up the issues, my boss said that it was his and my fault. I wouldn’t deny it completely, but he didn’t seem to remember that I only spent half my time for the other division I am in charge of. So, personally I think I did well.

In any case, I’ve got three new teachers. I’m hoping that rules won’t be violated this time around. I’m hoping that people will stick to the rules, and let their personalities be the entertainment that the students crave.

I honestly don’t know what will happen.

But keep your fingers crossed that I don’t bail…


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