Korea: Some things are cheaper here…

I mean, I know that the Korean brands are all cheaper here. Especially when you factor in the fact that they give you a lot (and I mean a lot) of samples if you buy over $100 for the prestige brands (and a decent amount for the mass market brands…omg this sentence was long…).

But, I didn’t expect these two to be cheaper as well.

First up is Birkenstock’s. Some are quite the catch here. These are the silver Rio’s I picked up. Taxes in, I paid $67CAN. Of course…I need to sell these off. I didn’t realize that they were two width, and the ones in Korea only come in Narrow for the women’s sizes OTL. What sucks more is that they are under $56CAN since they went on further sale (and Korea doesn’t adjust pricing once it has been bought).

Next is Avene. I love the Thermal Water. The problem is that is is pretty expensive back home. Even when I use my SDM points to get it, and on bonus points days. But here, I got the BOGO for $22CAN (since I had a coupon for an addition $1 off). That is about $12 for one bottle. I’m sure it is much cheaper in France, but this is better than back home in Toronto. I know I will have to buy a few more before I leave…

I also found out from a potential new instructor, that she has a wifi egg that she carries around with her. It only cost her about $25 a month, and she gets 25gigs. Why don’t we have this back home?! Haha…With my trip back home coming up, and the fact that I will be without data access for 3 weeks is making me uncomfortable. This would def come in handy back home.

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