Last week on Instagram…

Seriously, love this thing. Makes data transfer SUPER easy. Don’t have to fumble with cords…

Just some of the socks I will take back with me in September…

One of my LOL & SMH moments with mom.

Its my "vacation". So tell me, why has my body decided to woke up at 6am? After rolling around…I decided I should #sheetmask, since I fell asleep after using actives last night. This is the new one by @cosrx #holymolysnailmask. Have to say that for my face this is the most ill-fitting one I have tried. But, its dripping with the snail essence. Its on sale right now (5+5 promo on the Korean website) so about a dollar. Not bad. Not sure why, but it is a tad stingy. Lets hope its just working magic…haha… Edit: not bad. It dies by the 30 min mark, but stays on the face without falling off. Good texture left after, not odd and oily. The weird stinging (prickling? it wasnt painful) was gone by 10 mins #스킨케어 #코스알엑스 #데일리 #마스크 #cosrx #skincare #kbeauty #snail #oTL #tired #bbloggers #셀스타그램 #셀카 #korean #sheetmasks

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Ah…testing. my poor kids. Work hard, you can do it. #april어학원 #bupyeong #teachinginkorea

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My poor students doing their best for the written part of testing week…

Whenever I see ikon, exo, bts, bigbang…i always always think of my students… ㅋㅋ #loveit

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Bobby’s expression. Love it! xD


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