Eating in Korea – Korean BBQ

Back home, my family does this a lot in the summer. There are many times, where I have come home to a driveway/street filled with cars. The parental units usually agree to spontaneous grilling evenings.

In Korea, it isn’t that expensive. This means, that we go for BBQ when we don’t know what else to eat.

This was pig skin. Favoured by some women for the collagen it has. I personally don’t like the taste of it. If I have to eat it, I like it SUPER crispy.

I personally go for the Samgyulsal.

Zion T/자이언티 & Haha/하하 – $ponsor/스폰서

(Different place, different night…)
We always kill it xD


2 thoughts on “Eating in Korea – Korean BBQ

  1. I remember taking my parents to SA RI WON (down the hill from galleria on Yonge) to try Korean bbq. I went with high school friends a lot to Korean bbq and wanted my parents to try. too bad the experience was awful :( they made us wait so long they gave us free dumplings as a sorry. oh well gotta try new places.

    great now I’m hungry. and it’s expensive here. and milos raonic is losing Wimbledon final. ugh.

    • first…I know nothing about tennis.

      Second, there are Koreans I know who recommend that place…but I have never been a fan. Again, mother’s cooking has ruined me for outdoor food, at least in Toronto.

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