Musical Friday feeling Brand New

Ben Rector – Brand New

I can’t remember how I heard this. All I know is that I loved it.
Then found the MV, and loved it even more xD
It was such a fun fan compilation. No?

I wrote the above when I scheduled the post a few weeks back.

But now…I’m not feeling brand new. Recent events at work, has left me drained, and questioning things more than I should. Something unfortunate has happened to my dear friend (and who I considered my work wife) here. As she recuperates, I’m left to wait until I can see her again.

It has only been a day (two work days), and I can say that she is one of the reasons why I stayed in Korea for as long as I have. So, I’m worried about the next few months, and what was potentially another year.

I might just have to go home. But…we will see what happens. I’ve been praying for guidance, as I really need it at this point. I’m just…so scrambled in a lot of areas, and burning out fast. Keep me in your thoughts…thanks :)

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