Musical Friday w AKMU

AKMU – 사람들이 움직이는 게
To dominate at what you love to do, at such a young age. Have to say, amazing.

Having been recently released, I did have a great time listening to it. Just the bouncy, poppy, fun of youth. Okay that last sentence escaped me, but I’m just saying that it really captured their youth.

Anyway…Ive been watching the sun rise, lately. Not by choice. I have encountered an issue which may temporarily prevent me from returning home permenantly. All because of the sheer immaturity, and utter lack of respect from one individual. I kept saying its their age that prevented them from stepping up and owning up to their mistakes. But, as each day passes, Im shown that it isnt the case. Its frustrating. In all honesty, I cannot wait til they are ejected from my life. How ungrateful they have been, for something they could not have understood, seeing as they have chosen said path.
So, good luck, good riddance.

In all seriousness, I would not have expected to encounter another stupid issue after S. But it seems that position is just cursed with their malice and incompetency.

And so, I am left to wait for the sun to rise…and to exhaust myself so I can finally get some sleep. All to battle another week.

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