Sometimes you gotta organize…

#cosrx #verite #snailcream #koreanbeauty #korea #코스알엑스 #다이소 #daiso

Or should I say rearranging…since it isnt organizing? But I am organizing in a way….


Anyway, I never thought I’d use a snail product. Really.


But Cosrx had a cult following that I got sucked into. Before I knew it, i had dropped a little over 100 on a bunch of goodies. It did take me a while to figure out how to best use the actives for my skin…but the cream were easy.

The problem is a lot of them are pots. I had that. So thats where the Daiso pumps come in handy. Honestly, it I didnt transfer them, I wouldnt use them. I did end up covering the container with sticker paper. Just so I can keep the product in the dark. Now I go through this properly.

The Verite water spray is something I wanted to carry around with me. But the bottle is huge. Daiso had a small teo pack for the spray. So, I decanted that too.

Do you find you decant things to use them??


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