Last week on Instagram…

Not much to share. It has been a little busy for me. Most is settling down, but for the most part, things are better.

T-Express is a popular ride at the amusement park, Everland. One of the reasons it is popular is because of the fact that it is a wooden roller coaster ride. In addition, it was featured on Infinity Challenge, Episode 428, where they attempt to eat Jajangmyun and do their makeup throughout the ride. It was pretty funny xD

Papers. Every three months, we all dread this work. We have to mark, sort, punch, and bind into a book. Looks pretty, but so much time/work goes into it.

Cosrx has been a slowly growing favourite of mine. It was a cult favorite in the ASian Beauty thread on Reddit. It has now found a good home at my place as well. I still have to work out the perfect system, but I do like what I can see so far :)

This was photoshopped so that the colours were prettier, but this was taken in Itaewon. It was near the Jo Molane store. I was in the area since I wanted to see Les Miserables. The dog, just made me happy. I miss my dog.

Recently, I have been addicted to collecting the stickers from certain promotions. They are attached to gum, or inside chip packaging. This series is called, “Cheese in the Trap”. Yes there was a drama about it, and no, I wasn’t a complete fan. I did however enjoy most of it.


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