Last week on Instagram…

Mechanical pencils make me happy. Especially when they are cheap. These guys were about 80 cents each. Muhahahahaha

I added more to my Cosrx collection. With two sales/promotions, I saved 8 dollars.

One of my coworkers went to Japan, and made these little goodie bags for us. Really excited to use the eye mask. I’ll have to use it when I come home…don’t want to waste it on a short flight.

I did my gels back in NOvember…and haven’t bothered to do anything with my nails. Loving the length, but I do need to trim them. Making too many spelling mistakes when I am typing lol

Kbbq is always a good meal

My coworker shared her favorite smoke meat/jerky. Ben Cheng Hiang. A Singaporean yummy snack. Expensive, but I really enjoyed it.

Uniqlo is having their winter sale. Their heattech was on a super sale. Ended up picking up pairs of mens bottoms for ~$5, and womens for about ~$10. So, I got my family covered :)

I needed to relax in the warm comfort of the Jimjilbang. So…I went.
Love it.


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