Musical Friday w a interesting mix of two voices…

Gary/개리 – 뚝방의 꿈 Feat. John Park/존박

If I could list a few people I WISH I could meet before I leave Korea…
– Gary
– Jo In-Sung
– Verbal Jint
– So Ji-Sup

Though I’m sure that will never happen…I can enjoy the music and dramas they produce instead lol


One thought on “Musical Friday w a interesting mix of two voices…

  1. 👏🏻 I don’t know who any of those people are, I wish you will meet them! I don’t recall seeing any local celebrities. last time I came here I saw a movie star walking by me on the street. who knew these people actually eat!

    thank you for dropping by 😬 and being so comprehensive in your comment. I totally side eyed my friend and didn’t help her while giggling hahahahahahaha she had no idea!

    I had a lovely time and hopefully my plans to revisit in March will materialize. but I dunno. money is money. I went back more mature and with a better mindset of people so I think this time I did everything well. too bad we couldn’t meet :( take care my friend.

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