Last week on Instagram…

I said I was going to be good!!!!
I failed already! lol
I missed last weeks first Instagram post…which is why if you have an account you should follow there xD

Naw…I should just stop being lazy! haha

Anyway…going through rough patches…
Mostly it is because people think that I would be stupid enough to be petty. They don’t realize that I am trying to ensure that my students get the best education that we can possibly give them. If only they could understand that…we would be golden.

Also wish that people would keep their mouth shut, and that people had the intelligence to discern for themselves.

But that is besides the point.

Can’t help buying multiples when there is a great deal :P But then I found out on the weekend that they have a sale on these for the same price I paid, at Boon’s. Booooo

This was my one thousandth post. It seems odd, but it was actually fitting for that day…
I’ve been going through a rough patch (work, and personal issues…). But this one made me laugh. I actually had to download a funny facial Gif to my phone to make me laugh as well. Good vibes, and prayers for acceptance could help too :)

One day and one night of wearing heat tech, and I was sold. Picked up these all on sale. I spent 54,000w on all 5 pieces. Things I got to send to mom, and for myself.

We don’t have a Uniqlo in Toronto, and I hadn’t gone to one before I came to Korea. Got to say, I love it. I understand the hype. I snagged these babies all for 35,000w. Picked up more for mom and myself.

Cosrx has made a lot of noise in the ABeauty Reddit feed. That is where I accidentally came across it. I am quite intrigued by a lot of their products, but indulged in the One Step PimpleClear PAds first. Simplicity is what I need. I will venture into the Asol and Blackhead products after.


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