Last week on Instagram…

I’m trying to be good with my Monday Instagram posts…
Let’s hope I can keep it up again :P

I lack enough storage room at work, so I picked up this box from Daiso. I shove random things in it. This just happened to be yellow.

Today marks 4 weeks since I was standing beside my dear AY for her marriage to her forever love HS. These were our bouquets. The cold was bruising the roses, so we perched them in the sink.

Oh this kiddio is so hyper…but this video playing in our manger’s office has kept him still. Loved how my coworker joined him, so I hurried to snap a picture.

I got my hair cut with two of my other coworkers. We went to Edae/Ehwa University. I wanted to take them to Juno Hair #3, but I messed up the station, and ended up losing too much time. So, I took them to Juno Hair #2, since they had more people. However, I think that Juno Hair Outlet #2 takes better care of the details, as well as slightly better attention to customer service. Regardless, this is the meal that one of them ate that day. Sounded so nice, I had to record it.

I had the opportunity to go the GyeongBokGung Palace. I had been in the main entrance, but didn’t buy a ticket for admission into the grounds. We got there an hour before they closed. We still got to see a lot. But I would love to go back, and just sit. Soak up the history that this ground has stood for.

I hung out with my work wife/husband/significant other. Seriously…it’s weird knowing that I might be leaving her soon. In any case, we were at Starbucks to do some work…getting grading over and done with. But…damn. Two cakes, and two drinks cost a little over 20,000w/~$22CAN ToT


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