Last week on Instagram…

As the weeks wind down…it is time to reminisce.
Have to figure out what I want from this blog of mine.
Have to figure out what it is that I want for the next year.

In any case, there are things to ponder.

But, for now, let’s poke around in my Instagram :)

Let’s talk about this. Dalkgalbi. A dish from Chuncheon, which I don’t love, but don’t mind eating. This was insane though. So spicy, and that cheese in the middle. It killed me. Really. I am apparently lactose intolerant to Korean Cheese. But it was so freaking good. I want to go back. After eating this, my coworker and I went to watch Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2. Good times.

I told you that I cannot resist Daiso. I really can’t. The gel pens are 2 for $1, and so smooth. Love it.

Chicken Mania always gets me with the shrimp chicken.

One of the meals that I had last week. A very good, go to meal for me.

When I had a transfer in Haneda Tokyo airport, I bought some of the Sakura Matcha Kitkat bars to share with coworkers. I saved one for myself. But, dang. It was so odd to eat. It was good…but it is so hard to describe. I honestly couldn’t describe it.

It snowed last week. I was so excited. The problem is, that it didn’t last long lol.

Donkatsu lunchbox. I’ve been pretty tired, and well, working more then I normally do. Comes with the position. So, I honestly made a meal only 3 times the whole week. It was bad. But, necessary.

I’m wearing Stila Caprice. A lip thing I got at the Lisa’s Cosmetic Sale a few years back. I wanted to be more adventurous in Korea, so I brought it with me. I need to get a few more wears before tossing it.

Olive Young/올리브영 and Watson’s/왓슨스 was having their sale. Up to 50% off. I was browsing the Instagram hashtags, and couldn’t stay away. I got the Peripera/페리페라 Ink Tint Mini set for 17,000w (very roughly ~$18CAN), Kiss Me/키스미 Mascara for 10,000w (very roughly ~$11CAN), and got the Embryolisse/엠브리올리스 from Watson’s for 24,000w (very roughly ~$25CAN). I went back again…I’ll share that later… T_T


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