13th International Beauty Expo Korea

October 15-17, 2015 – @ COEX Hall C, #rd Floor in Seoul – WebsiteExhibitor/Floor Plan
Organized by Korea Cosmetic Industry Cooperative, and managed by SeoulMesse, I had the opportunity to attend the 13th International Beauty Expo Korea.

I had wanted to attend in 2010, but I had gotten sick the night before. I was super disappointed that I had missed out. So, I was thinking about it last week, and did a Google search…when I found out that it was next week (or rather started October 15th!) I applied for the Pre-registration, which meant that I could have the entrance fee waived. I mean, the entrance fee is nothing compared to what I have paid in the past for IMATS Toronto. 5000won/ ~$6CAN. ONLY that!

International Beauty Expo Korea//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js
The space was also quite large, with generous aisles.

There was this place, Unni’s Pouch (언니의파우치), which is a new beauty app. If you downloaded the app, you got a few tote bag (for the first, i think, 150), or a small makeup pouch if you weren’t part of the previous group. I got the small pouch, but I actually think its cute.

International Beauty Expo Korea
Being one of the sponsors, Incoco Korea was there as well. I have seen the silver blue packaging back at home, but have never tried it for myself. I picked up a few…but I gave them to the teachers at my branch. Wasn’t to surprise them a little this week.

The designs were all 50% off, so it varied from about 4,000won – 6,000won. Not bad at all.

International Beauty Expo Korea
International Beauty Expo Korea
International Beauty Expo Korea
It was nice to see a booth I actually knew. KONAD was all bright and happy. They were saying that it is easy to use the metal places for gel polishes as well. I need to try it out…

Also, they seem to have skincare as well!

International Beauty Expo Korea
No Joke…I was intimidated by this booth -___- I don’t know why lol

International Beauty Expo Korea
Scalp consultation. I kind of wanted to do this. I did, however, figure that I wouldn’t get a good reading. I’m annoyed by how my hair is going lately. I should look into Viviscal which Melody Iafelice has mentioned a few times on Instagram.

International Beauty Expo Korea
Lots of samples out for you to try out.

International Beauty Expo Korea
This booth was pretty amazing! It was like an airbrush system, with a little vial of magic. They would let the air and serum massage the deep set wrinkles, and it would slowly soften them up…to the point where it wasn’t as visible!

International Beauty Expo Korea
International Beauty Expo Korea
In terms of polish. I had actually wanted to check out Nfu-Oh…but they didn’t make an appaerance this year. Though they had last year. I was super sad about that. There wasn’t a lot of regular polish. A Lot of the salons in Korea specialize in the gels. As such, they were geared for all that heavy duty stuff instead.

International Beauty Expo Korea
International Beauty Expo Korea
I had to get to work, so I had to leave earlier than I had expected. But it was an interesting experience for sure. Wish I had a Korean friend with me so that it would have been easier…I did see some translators, so I’m sure if you were working with a larger company you could use that service.

I honestly wish I could have taken more pictures, but for a lot of the booths, they were so hard to get to. A lot had events going on, where gaggles of women were standing to complete the mission. Other areas, I just had no idea what they did…

In any case, a good experience for sure :)


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