Eating in Songdo: Bornga

Bornga 본가 Restaurant
Bornga (본가) – WebsiteGoogle Maps – 인천 연수구 송도동 3-2 드림시티 101-104

Back in the spring-ish, early summer. I had the opportunity to follow my then coworkers to Songdo. She had worked there, and liked to visit the people she used to know.

We basically just ate the entire day…

This was our dinner location.

Bornga 본가 Restaurant
Located alone a strip of stores, Bornga was one of the “Must Eats” on her list. The windows are huge and you get to see all the awesome things that people are eating inside. Very enticing.

Bornga 본가 Restaurant

Bornga 본가 Restaurant
One of the reasons why this coworker loved it here, was the fact that the meat was sliced SUPER thin, which means that it cooks faster. I mean, just look at how thin that is! You do need to keep an eye out on the meat, otherwise it will burn quick. Also, you need to be careful when you pull it off the plate, to put in on the grill. As it is thin, they will rip to shreds if you aren’t careful.

Bornga 본가 Restaurant
Bornga 본가 Restaurant
What I liked about the meal, was the vegetable selection. They had so many different types of wraps, that it really made my heart feel content.

Bornga 본가 Restaurant
Use a leaf, put in some of the red chili paste, meat, rice…and shove in your mouth. Ssam is the bomb.

The service was pretty good (not sure if it was because I was seated with an obvious foreigner…Since I have noticed we get treated better when there is one), but I didn’t have any complaints. The only thing is, the washroom is a shared public one, for the entire building…so you do have to walk quite a ways back. But, it was still worth the yummy food xD

I have to say, that it was pretty good.


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