Working with the Exfolikate

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I know. I shouldn’t be using scrubs. I’ve passed that age bracket now.

The problem is…ever since my days of St Ive’s, I have been a tad addicted.

I’ve actually reserved this for really important times…when I need that flakey skin dissolved quickly.

You apply very gently, and move it in circular motions. Let it sit for the required time (30 secs max), and get on your way.

Despite the warning, I don’t experience redness, and I can see that the edges of my recovering pimples have been removed a bit more. That means, when I apply my foundation, I won’t get the way too noticeable telltale signs lol

I like that it has a foil seal.

Looks a little odd, with its interesting colouring…ha
It is a little on the thick side, but on wet skin, it moves quite well.

The problem is that it is expensive. For the price, I can probably use something else. Luckily I have gotten it as part of sample kits that Sephora has offered once in awhile. Since I only use it in certain areas, the small tubes last me quite the while.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to try this exfoliator, but it’s a little too expensive for my liking. Plus I have a whole bunch of other exfoliators I need to finish first. Maybe one day. :)

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