Korea: Friuli Venezia

Korea: Friuli Venezia

Friuli Venezia, Bupyeong / 프리울리베네치아, 부평 Naver MapsWebsite

Ah. I’m trying to save lately, but this is a place I have come to really enjoy. Friuli Venezia is a chain in Korea, which caters to more pasta/carb-y foods. What lured me in, was the pizza freebie promo that they had going on. Basically, you buy a main dish, and you got a pizza for free. Who could say no to that? My coworker at the time wanted to check it out, and so off we went to explore. The restaurant was set up quite nicely. I only had my iPhone4 at the time, so I didn’t take pictures of the interior. Anyway, I ordered the Carbonaea/Carbonara

Korea: Friuli Venezia
Loved it. Yes it was creamy. Yes I thought that the serving was too small (especially for a restaurant in Korea). However, once I was done, I didn’t feel gross for consuming something so creamy, nor did I feel hungry. It was a good balance.

Korea: Friuli Venezia
Coworkers meal. I don’t remember. I probably could have just read the menu on the website, but I’m lazy. Finished working a 6 day work week, and pretty tired…I know. Excuses, excuses…
(I think it is the Pomodoro…I checked the website lol)

We ordered the Chicago Deep Dish, as this was actually the main reason we came.

The problem?

It was made with BBQ sauce.

By that, I mean, the place where tomato sauce would be…was entirely replaced by BBQ sauce.

Korea: Friuli Venezia
This was our secondary pizza. The problem?

This was also sweet -_____- Coworker loves food just like me, but we just couldn’t get ourselves to eat it.

Lucky for them, I still REALLY enjoyed my pasta. Knowing the the pizza was a freebie in the first place, helped to ease the disappointment.

Korea: Friuli Venezia


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