Last week on Instagram…

It has been awhile since I have done these.

I was on a roll too!

In any case…

I returned from my very mini trip to Toronto (business rather than pleasure). I didn’t do any groceries, so I opted to have McDonalds breakfast. Not a hard choice when it is basically my next door neighbour.

I had lunch with my dear S. We wanted to get coffee, but ended up grabbing Korean lunch boxes, and Starbucks. I bought 3 drinks, and it was basically $20. I died. A tall green frap is about $6.50. Yummy, but I can’t keep up the habit I had in Canada, here, in Korea.

Later that evening, S wanted to drink, so I accompanied here to an izakaya bar. Food was pretty good. Loved the touch of One Piece Characters on the bar.

When I finally arrived home, I had to lay down on the floor, under the AC. It was just too damn hot.

The next day, I was treated to lunch, seeing as I had to pay for drinks last night on my own…due to issues -__- It was yummy going down, but WAY too much MSG. I was nearly passing out an hour later.

I got a mini vacay, so I met up with some of the others to go to Garosugil. We went to Cabogrill. Not too shabby. They have an unlimited meat option, but they don’t like to offer it to ladies, as they never end up eating enough.

We walked about, checked out the Line store. Such cuteness! We got drinks at Godiva, then headed off to Hangang River. Such a beautiful night…though still too humid for a Canadian like me :P

Ate some more BBQ the next evening, after a trip to Costco. It was a different kind of grilled chicken.

Of course we had to kill it with Karaoke singing xD

So that was my week back from Toronto.

It almost feels like that mini trip was a dream. I was so excited to see my kiddies here…I missed them. Funny how attached I’ve become.

6 month milestone is coming up soon…I was amused when I realized that.

Enough out of me. I should attempt to sleep…I figured I would write this up quickly while I couldn’t get to sleep.


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