Last week on Instagram…

I had mentioned that my hair is so frizzy at the ends, and that I miss my mists back home. So POOF! a little while later, a coworker friend of mine, decided to surprise me with these babies. When I first was making the move here, I was very worried I wouldn’t have friends…but boy, am I ever thankful for the ones I’ve been able to make here, even for a short time. #blessed

Taco I had in Seoul. Told my cousin I didn’t want Korean food, so she suggested this place. Quiet, out of the way…and not too bad in terms of taste :)

We went to eat at a Mexican place. My coworkers is Mexican, and said that it was decent enough. The service was absolute crap. Was not impressed at all…But it looks pretty!

As odd as it sounds, I’ve never had jello shots before. These were made with Soju, and were they ever yummy :) One of my coworkers is leaving to go back home, so she made it with the last jello box she had. In that note, jello is crazy expensive here. I wanna bring some and open up a shop! lol

Well, I missed Musical Friday. For once in a really long time.
I also didn’t upload much this week.

Been going through some person stuff, and wasn’t dealing with it very well. But…recovering…even if its a little :) I also had a fun time chatting with the new coworkers, on our little trip for groceries. That made me a happy camper on Sunday as well~


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