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I had mentioned that my hair is so frizzy at the ends, and that I miss my mists back home. So POOF! a little while later, a coworker friend of mine, decided to surprise me with these babies. When I first was making the move here, I was very worried I wouldn’t have friends…but boy, am I ever thankful for the ones I’ve been able to make here, even for a short time. #blessed

#taco #shrimp #seoul #먹스타그램 #데일리 #korea

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Taco I had in Seoul. Told my cousin I didn’t want Korean food, so she suggested this place. Quiet, out of the way…and not too bad in terms of taste :)

#yum #먹스타그램 #mexican #korea #incheon

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We went to eat at a Mexican place. My coworkers is Mexican, and said that it was decent enough. The service was absolute crap. Was not impressed at all…But it looks pretty!

My first #soju #jelloshots ^^ #farewell #korea

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As odd as it sounds, I’ve never had jello shots before. These were made with Soju, and were they ever yummy :) One of my coworkers is leaving to go back home, so she made it with the last jello box she had. In that note, jello is crazy expensive here. I wanna bring some and open up a shop! lol

Well, I missed Musical Friday. For once in a really long time.
I also didn’t upload much this week.

Been going through some person stuff, and wasn’t dealing with it very well. But…recovering…even if its a little :) I also had a fun time chatting with the new coworkers, on our little trip for groceries. That made me a happy camper on Sunday as well~


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