Last week on Instagram…

I love that Tim Tams are half the price here. LOVE. I mean, one place had them on sale for about a buck. A BUCK! Insanity…Regret not buying more thought…already finished the first box I bought -____-

There is this sushi place near by. The name basically sounds like, “Buy me sushi”, but it looks quite classy inside. In any case, went with one of the coworkers who will be leaving soon. This meal was never ending. I paid ~$20CAN/20,000won, with absolutely NO regrets. I have to post more pictures soon.

I love eating Ssam. Basically put in a bunch of things into a lettuce leaf. Then you must proceed to shove the thing in your mouth. Always a good time :)

We had some paper work to do. I saw some, but it was about 700 thingies that we had to fill. The plus side was that we got pizza xD

Coffee cafe. Opened up recently, and I really do like the interior. Tres cute. Cheap coffee.

Riding along the Hangang River. Not my first time. I wish I could do it more, but the place we go to is where you can rent for free, and it is a little far. In the distance is the 63 Building. I haven’t actually gone there yet…I need to.


2 thoughts on “Last week on Instagram…

  1. and I’m back. I’ve never had a timtam but some canadian girl in australia posted it and said she liked it when she used to live here~ so that’s nice I guess! Also is that a clear case for your macbook. You have style only cool people know clear cases are the only cases to use (preferably no case but if must then clear)

    I hope your pizza in korea tasted normal. I will never eat pizza in asia again after my pizza hut experience there. Also i wonder if cafe princess in toronto is still open since you mentioned cute interior. I stopped going, I had random ppl commenting on my post saying they got orders screwed up. I went and kept having my orders screwed up. It’s done they just screw up everything.

    -hahahahaha yell at me. Well I do respond to ppl yelling I guess. thank you for your continued encouragement~

    -i met some of the craziest people at university. Once the faculty sent us an email because a male professor had been sexually assaulted. By that i mean some student ran up and grabbed his breast then ran away. Then we found out the student was male and did it for fun when he got caught. There was no motive, just a random act of stupidity. I will never understand why you do that to someone.

    -the last photo is altered but the original will surprise you by its colour. Also i once told you i made a friend pact with a friend on marrying if we don’t find someone by a certain age. I think I’m dead meat my time is up.

    • lol my time was already up…but the kid and I aren’t close anymre anyway.
      …poor prof! students -___-

      the normal selection of pizza is okay…
      but there are some that are weird. one place replaced their tomato sauce with BBQ. it was disgusting.
      They also like corn, sweet potato…just…too sweet for my liking. Even after drenching it in hot sauce.

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