Last week on Instagram…

Now much to share this week.

I accidentally ate up my data, and my cousin has yet to refill the new month T__T

#seoulfriendshipfair #seoul #seoulfriendshipfair2015 #food #kore

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The Seoul Friendship Fair was going on last week. I had eaten already, but I liked the concept! I wish I could have checked it out better. There was no Canada though…

This was a real latergram. I had taken it a few weeks back when I met my aunt. It was pretty yummy. I want to go back…but need to go when it isn’t busy.

Bag full of #warheads @warheads_pix #candy #korea #사탕 #데일리

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Warhead candy. The kids apparently like it a lot. I only bought it so I have a prize when the kiddies do something amazing. I personally do not believe in bribing kids with candy unless there is a special occasion. I don’t even like them, so I don’t have to worry that I will eat them all by myself lol

OOTD. I got the package of some clothes. My mother’s friend was able to bring some stuff over for me. Super thankful, as one of the items is a bridesmaid dress. I actually had a dream that it got lost on the way to Canada by regular mail, so I wanted this brought over by someone. One of the other things that I got, was my JEANS!!!! I had packed a few when I was coming over…but started taking one out after another, when I thought my bags were too heavy. Once I got to Korea…I realized I had taken out all my jeans!!! I was so sad :( It was great to finally be in them. My pants felt sooooo good. Super skinny…but felt great xD

#korea #seoul #gate

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One of the gates in Korea. Always really pretty to look at. Prettier when it is lit up at night~


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