Last week on Instagram…

Now much to share this week.

I accidentally ate up my data, and my cousin has yet to refill the new month T__T

The Seoul Friendship Fair was going on last week. I had eaten already, but I liked the concept! I wish I could have checked it out better. There was no Canada though…

This was a real latergram. I had taken it a few weeks back when I met my aunt. It was pretty yummy. I want to go back…but need to go when it isn’t busy.

Warhead candy. The kids apparently like it a lot. I only bought it so I have a prize when the kiddies do something amazing. I personally do not believe in bribing kids with candy unless there is a special occasion. I don’t even like them, so I don’t have to worry that I will eat them all by myself lol

OOTD. I got the package of some clothes. My mother’s friend was able to bring some stuff over for me. Super thankful, as one of the items is a bridesmaid dress. I actually had a dream that it got lost on the way to Canada by regular mail, so I wanted this brought over by someone. One of the other things that I got, was my JEANS!!!! I had packed a few when I was coming over…but started taking one out after another, when I thought my bags were too heavy. Once I got to Korea…I realized I had taken out all my jeans!!! I was so sad :( It was great to finally be in them. My pants felt sooooo good. Super skinny…but felt great xD

One of the gates in Korea. Always really pretty to look at. Prettier when it is lit up at night~


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