Last week on Instagram…
Coffee is a tad expensive here, so I figured I would try out this baggie coffee. Not the yummiest…But the coffee ice cream bar was lovely :)
Absolutely love these markers. Fine tip, and cheap-ish. I tried them out when I was in Korea in 2010, and have loved them ever since. I like the green ones, but I ended up getting the orange as green was OOS. Stickers were for my little kids.
Curly Fries!
I told you that McDonalds was deadly…seriously. When you include the elevator travel, I can walk within 2 minutes… -_______-
I met up with my cousin today. I had asked her back in April, but she was really busy. It was great to chat and catch up. Nice to rant too lol. Anyway, isn’t the stream lovely? Cheonggyecheon stream/청계천 would have been nice to walk, but it was pretty humid. We basically speed walked to the nearest Starbucks :P

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