2 thoughts on “Musical Friday w Toto”

  1. i’m not sure if your comments allow html embedding so i’ll just leave a link. this is what i think of when i hear toto-africa and it goes the same for most boys:

    we used to just drive around listening to the songs in that game because toto was licensed by GTA and part of the car’s radio stations hahaha.

    I’m not sure what phone you’re using right now but I remember you saying you read blogs while on the bus and what not in the past. Do you use “byline”? Because that would save a lot of data when looking at RSS feeds. let me know.

    Cheers, it’s 21celsius and sun in toronto today on this beautiful Saturday.

    1. lol really?? That sounds like it would have been fun :)

      Thanks for updating me about toronto. I think it is because I speak the language a bit, but it still hasn’t really hit me that I’m abroad. Well, not really. In any case, I will check out byline! My cousin set up the phone for me, so I have CRAP data…so I totally abuse the free wifi I get on the public transit from my carrier. So this helps a ton!
      Hope you are doing well~^^

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