Last week on Instagram…

I saw Fast & Furious 7. I cried at the end. This was taken as we were walking home. Passing through the underground shopping area. Quite creepy when it is closed.

Celebrating their anniversary, they have the combos + LE cup sale. This was 6,500w (the cup was 1,000w), VERY roughly $7Can. The Tabasco/Ketchup sauce wasn’t that good. Better when you do it yourself at home.

Now, they also have their Birthday Cone. 800w, it is coated with white chocolate that is flavoured like birthday cake xD

One of my coworkers remembered that I said I hadn’t had a BBT in Korea as of yet…so she picked one up for me. Thankful for the ladies who look after me :)

I cannot tell you how delicious this thing was. Grab a B, near Bupyeong Station is just…love. This is the Avocado Burger, which is their special menu. I usually get Cheese Delight, but dang this was awesome.

Mum sent me the picture of my SampleSource box. She labeled the email ‘gifts’ which was amusing :P

I was pretty tired Friday night. I came home, ate, and started reading the Bill Gates Bio for my class. Then I got a message, and hightailed it to the Karaoke place xD

I went to Songdo with one of my other coworkers, and she took me to Relish. I had the fish and chips, and DAMN. Satisfying, yummy, and loved how friendly the owner was :)

We were walking around, and my friend found the Mexican style Corn on the Cob. It is grilled, then mayo is spread on it. Then they sprinkle some cheese on it.


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