Gimmicky or Innovative?

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Happy Birthday to JW. Here’s to another year, and another decade! Wishing her all the best, while I’m all the way over on the other side T___T

CoverGirl Bombshell

This was a first for me. As such, I found it VERY amusing to play around with.

What is it that I am talking about?

CoverGirl Bombshell

CoverGirl Bombshell
Well, that is the new Covergirl Bombshell Powder Brow + Liner!

I mean LOOK at this thing…

CoverGirl Bombshell

Basically, the applicator is a firm, yet soft sponge, which allows you to draw on your brows, or liner your eyes.

Lining your eyes wasn’t a problem for me…it was the brows that gave me all sorts of hell lol.

CoverGirl Bombshell

CoverGirl Bombshell

Because the powder is so dense, and very pigmented, I found it hard for me to use a lighter hand (I’m just like that though, I use a heavier hand for a lot of things). What I actually had to do, was to pat it on in the central areas, and then use a brush to work it through the rest of the brow.

CoverGirl Bombshell

Another plus to the product, was the fact that it was pretty resistant to smudging. I mean, it isn’t completely fixated to the skin, but it does a decent enough job to stay put. I did see a bit of fading, but I usually do with my oily skin.

What I actually don’t get, is why the shaking balls are in the applicator, rather than in the powder product. I mean, you would think that it was used to keep the powder in a powder state, and not clump up. But it acts like an adult rattle instead. Interesting…

In any case, this was something fun to try out. If you think that you have a better steady hand than I do, something to check out.

You can find this on for $10CAN, in black and in brown.

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