Last week on Instagram…
Just behind my building, there is a school. Around the school, there are these beautiful cherry blossom trees. I spent a few minutes just letting the petals fall, and watching the branches sway.
I had taken a small trip to Myeong Dong to pick up a few things, after meeting someone. I picked up these Modi Polishes from Aritaum. Unfortunately the pink one SUCKS. It applies…plastic-y? It chips right after it dries. Yay for the 1+1 deal, but boo cause it was still about $2 each :T (On a side note, the brown one does much better so far…)
Had lunch with the other teachers. I’m not sure what this was, but it was pretty good :)
Isn’t this just the cutest?! One of my students gave me it. It is Animal Stamp Candy. You lick it, and then stamp away! Tastes like Coca Cola. Yum.
I then found a bag at Costco Korea. I didn’t plan on seeing them, so I didn’t have the room to take it back with me. Next visit…I think I will xD
My meals have been…well very typical for me. I don’t need frills when it comes to eating. But…I am getting bored. This one one of my meals for the day. Chicken breast cooked, ripped apart. Mix in a block of tofu, flavour it with random things, and then shove it in a fried tofu wrapper.

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