I might enjoy HK products…but I passed on this jewel encrusted one…

Hello Kitty Compact Mirror

It is on sale on the Sephora website, so I figured…might as well show the pictures I took AGES ago. It is currently $25US, but…really…I would hold your money back.

Hello Kitty Compact Mirror

When I first started seeing this LE collection pop up on the blogs of fellow Torontonian bloggers…I SWORE I would hunt one down.

Hello Kitty Compact Mirror
I was super excited. It looked so cute. I have a few of the plastic ones, but this one would be a collection piece.

Hello Kitty Compact Mirror
Hello Kitty Compact Mirror
The thing is…once I ordered it, and it arrived…

…I was highly disappointed.

I had originally paid the 20% less than the original price of $50+CAN. But as soon as I opened it up, I KNEW it had to go back home.

Yes. It was that bad. The stones were of such cheap quality. Some weren’t placed nicely. Others didn’t even shine.

But dang…does it look cute in the pictures >_<


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