Last week on Instagram…
I had to meet my cousin. I had never met him before, and didn’t have a way to contact him. My aunt also didn’t have a picture of him on his phone. For some reason, I assumed he was on the ‘younger’ side of my cousins. Boy was I wrong. I almost missed him! haha…In any case, I got to eat with him, and chat. It was nice. We went to have Dakgalbi, since it was cheap, and wasn’t terribly busy.
One of my students brought Dong Bang for our class. Korea used to have a huge fascination with poo. My kids back in the days, would draw them EVERYWHERE. Yet, they will scream bloody murder if they actually see dog poop, in piles, on the street. In any case, it was funny. It smiles at you!!
I had to attend this cultural seminar. Here, there was this ladies group that played these hand chimes for us. No, not hand bells, hand chimes. It was like a tuning fork, with a tiny mallet. Apparently used as training tools before you start using hand bells. Either way, it was interesting. Would have loved to have seen the Gayagum, or other traditional instruments though…
The Cherry Blossoms are out! I wanted to go to a park to visit them, but may need to do that early in the morning during the weekdays. For the time being, these were around the cultural centre. So many, so pretty.
After the seminar, we had a meal with the rest of the branches. It was hard to chat with everyone, but it was nice to see who else was working in the same company :)

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