Last week on Instagram…

First off, Happy Special Birthday to My Dear Friend Jav~ Hope you have a wonderful day!

Ah…sometimes it is hard to get through the lessons. Not because of the students, but rather the material itself. So, it is always nice to see something like this, and have the students explain it. I thought it was interesting that they were able to explain the mixed emotions of the characters.

This was earlier in the week…but I actually bought a few more Friday night. The embarssing part was that as I was stuffing my goodies in my bag, my student walked in and saw me. Wonder if she will tell the others about my crazy ice cream habits here xD

I am addicted to Milk Bingsu. I went to a buffet lunch at Shindorim, where I met with a kiddo I have known for a little over 15 years. It was a great time to catch up, as he is the first person from home I have seen since I got here. Seeing as it has only been 7 weeks, it isn’t like I was dying from the lack of ppl I am familiar with…but it was SOOOO nice to catch up. Anyway, this was the Sushi Buffet at D-Cube City, Sindorim Station. We paid 16,800won/person. It was alright. Not amazing, but better than Todai in Myeong Dong.

Went to Bucheon Station to meet my Aunt. She is quite the demanding old woman! But…not in a horribly mean way. It is just really funny that the family is all like that lol Anyway, I got to the station early so I could roam about. Gotta love the random outdoor markets in Korea <3


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