Late night taxi ride…

A whole crapload of things went down last night as I was hanging out with friends and coworkers.

In the end, I needed to take a taxi on my own since the girl I was with suddenly disappeared.

When I got in, I told the man where I needed to go (well, I told him the subway station, since I don’t actually know my address…forgot I had it in my phone lol). He goes…

“Why don’t you walk?”
“…because I don’t know where I am?”
“How can you not know where you are?”
“Cause I don’t live here?”
“Then you shouldn’t go out”
“Look I’m a foreigner”

In English…

“Liar. You are liar.”

Wait…what? Now the rest of the conversation is in English
“Pardon me?”
“You lie to me”
“Why would I lie to you?”
“You speak Korean well, so just walk”
“I only speak it, doesn’t mean I know everything. You don’t believe me? Here’s my foreigner immigration card!!”

“Oh. Why do you speak Korean so well”

Now I’ve reverted back to Korea. I have this thing where when I am talking to older people, I can’t help but talk to them in Korean…even if they are talking to me in English…I know…I’m odd.

“My parents taught me as they are Korean”
“Oh. I see. We are here”

I basically gave him money and left the taxi. I was quite pissed.

He called me a liar -____-

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