Last week on Instagram…

I had this huge love for Pucca and Garu back in high school. Loved it so much, one of my close friends at the time gave me this pucca pencil set. I still have the mechanical pencil a decade later. I was always paranoid that I would lose it, but still carried it around in my pencil case :P

In any case, I’ve been loving the promotion of Pucca. I’m not sure why she is being promoted though…

My Coworker K said that these burgers were great. So we made our way over after work one day. I must say, that the friendly attitudes of the workers, and the super yummy cheesy food…I was SUPER happy with my meal. Yes, it is a tad expensive for what we think should be cheaper. But I had no regrets. NONE. I wanna go back now :P

I FINALLY got to start my Alien Registration Card! If Canadians wish to stay longer than the 90 day period, you need to get one. This also allows me to open up a bank account (used to be that you could temporarily open with your passport, but the two places we went to said they don’t do that), I can sign a contract for my phone and internet…I cannot wait! It was also pretty quick. We took the public transit, and I left and was back in my area within 2 hours. We got there in the morning, so that was also REALLY helpful.

Is there anything more that needs to be said?
I had this nutritionist friend awhile back, and she used to say how technically fried things weren’t as bad as we make it seem. The reason they were, was because the oils are not heated high enough, thus does not drain off the food. So when you eat the food, all that oil that has been trapped is consumed. I’m not healthy, or think about oils…but the fried stuff here…is just awesome. It isn’t oily. Perfectly crispy. The only oils are from the chicken itself, if you even find any. It is almost as if it has evaporated during the frying process. So all that is left is the delicious, moist chicken…

I might be drooling while typing this LOL


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